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How can I pay my citation & what are the consequences if I don't pay my citation?
Citation payment can be made online with credit or debit card, in the Parking Services Office with cash or check, via the U.S. Mail (postage required) with check, through Campus Mail (no postage needed), or deposited into the PURPLE fine boxes located in some of the parking lots as follows:  Lot F East, Lot F West, Lot R, Lot T and Lot Z.  There are also two in the George Stien Building on Maria Drive, one on the outside and one inside next the the Parking Office door. (The yellow/green fine boxes are for citations issued by the Stevens Point Police Department.)

Citations not paid within 21 days of issue date will accrue late fees. A courtesy email/letter is sent out 14 days from citation date and a final notice sent 30 days from issue date indicating non-payment consequences. Non-payment of citation 40 days after issue date results in an additional fee applied and owner vehicle license registration suspension notice sent to the WI Department of Registration.
How much time do I have to pay my citation?
Pay your citation or appeal within 21 days of issue date. (Fine escalation amount and date is noted on your citation.) Citation amounts will escalate if not paid within 21 days of the issue date. Prompt payment prevents citation amount owing escalation, notification letters being sent to the registered owner and/or registration suspension at the DMV.
Can I contest or appeal my citation?
Citations may be appealed before the due date and after payment. Appeal forms are available from the Parking Services Office; however, your citation payment must be made prior to filing an appeal. (Some citations are not appealable; i.e. Meter, Handicapped stall parking and Fire Zone violations.) The appeal is reviewed by the Appeals Committee; comprised of university faculty, staff, and students. The committee can uphold, reduce, or void the citation. 
How can I avoid getting parking citations?
* Purchase and display the appropriate parking permit
* Hang the permit from your inside rear-view mirror while parked in a campus lot
* View the campus map to verify where your permit is valid
* Put enough money in parking meters to cover all the time you may need
* Allow enough time to get to and from your class
* Read and follow instructions on signs
* Notify Parking Services office when unusual circumstances are encountered - Phone: 715-346-3900 or email:
Why are parking citations issued?
Citations issued for "No Valid Permit", "Expired Meter", etc. are a matter of fairness to students, staff and others that have purchased a parking permit or paid meter fees and as an incentive to comply with campus parking regulations. Parking Services is responsible for maintaining safe and orderly conditions for traffic and pedestrian movement on campus. Vehicles cannot be allowed to restrict the movement of normal traffic or emergency vehicles.



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Permits & Permit Holders

I have several different vehicles, do I have to purchase separate permits for each one?
You can transfer your HANGTAG to an alternate vehicle that is registered to you or your family. (Your parking hangtag is not transferrable and you are liable for any citations or violations issued to vehicles displaying your permit.)

My assigned parking lot is full, what should I do?
If your assigned lot is full, you can park in another permit lot (faculty-staff in faculty-staff lots & students in student lots) with license plate notification to Parking Services office to prevent a citation from being issued. EXCEPTION: Lot T and V staff permit holders can park in metered section of Lot T and V with license plate call-in notification. NOTE: Your parking permit serves as permission to park & does not guarantee a parking spot. Lots are first-come, first-served. 

When can I apply for parking?
The purchase process for student parking permits for the following academic year starts in early May for enrolled students. (Watch MOD for exact date.) Student permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. New students will attend Orientation in the summer; after registering for courses and receiving log in credentials you can purchase a parking permit if space is available.  When lots are full, a waiting list is created and assignments made from this list as space becomes available.

Faculty/staff Waitlist signup starts in May and ends Aug. 1st. Lot assignments are made on all Waitlist requests received by Aug. 1st and based on seniority-of-service at UWSP. After lot assignments are processed in early Aug. you will be notified of your lot assignment and can choose to purchase a permit for that lot. Your reservation will be passed on to the next senior person on the list if you decide not to purchase a permit.

I'm enrolled at UWSP for fall semester only, do I have to pay the full permit price?
Academic year permits are available for fall semester, and may be returned at the end of fall term for a 40% refund of purchase price processed to the same method of payment to purchase permit. NOTE: Payroll deduction method of payment for permit can not be refunded.

I received a permit but no longer need it, what can I do?
The unused permit can be returned to the Parking Services Offices before the start of classes for a full refund. Permits can also be returned for a partial refund after the start of courses. Students not attending UWSP the second semester can return their yearly permit prior to the start of the second semester and receive a 40% refund. Resale or transfer of your permit is prohibited. (Permit purchaser is responsible for any citations/issues associated with permit.)

Can I park in permit areas at night or on the weekend?
Permit areas are restricted to permit holders from 2am-7pm, Monday-Friday, except lot H, which is restricted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Permit areas are open from 7pm-2am Monday-Friday and on weekends.

Do I need to purchase a permit for my moped or motorcyle?
Mopeds can park by the bike racks on campus without contacting Parking Services. Mopeds need to have a moped license plate.
Motorcycles with a motorcycle plate are required to have a UWSP motorcycle permit to park in the student or faculty designated motocycle stalls on campus. Student motorcycle stalls are located in Lots P, Q, T and W. Faculty motorcycle stalls are available in Lots A, D, E, H, R, T and V. Motorcycle stalls are open Apr 1st until Nov. 1st. NOTE: only one vehicle, including motorcycles, may be parked on campus at a time.

If I don't have a permit, can I park on the street?
Parking rules on the city streets are enforced by the Stevens Point Police Department and all questions can be directed to that agency 715-346-1500. Signs on the streets state the regulations for each area and differ by location. No parking on city streets allowed from 2am-6am - no overnight parking. Citations issued by the Stevens Point Police Department can be resolved at 1515 Strongs Avenue, Stevens Point, WI 54481.

If I have a valid state handicap tag, do I need to purchase a permit?
Faculty, staff and students with a disabled permit from the DOT may purchase a university accessible parking permit which allows parking in designated "Accessible Permit Required" RESERVED stalls, in campus meter stalls without payment, and in permit stalls when the accessible permit reserved stalls are full.

Visitors with a disabled placard or license plate from the DOT may park in the accessible parking stalls in visitor parking lots; Lot F-east, F-west, R and Z, and at any parking meter WITHOUT plugging the meter. Disabled tags and plates are not honored in permit areas without a valid UWSP accessible parking permit.

Where can I park when I first arrive on campus?
Students who do not have a permit will need to purchase a day pass (if space available) for $6.00 or weekly pass for $30.00 if they want to park in Lot Q.

Where can I park when classes/exams are not in session?
All UWSP parking lots are enforced year round and regulations are in effect when classes and exams are scheduled (check academic timetable for course & exam information). The break parking exceptions are: 
  • Student lots J, P, Q and W are OPEN during breaks
  • Faculty/staff lots D, E and R (not at meters) are OPEN to vehicles displaying a faculty/staff hangtag, without a license call in
  • Faculty/staff lots A, F, H, K, S, and Z are always retricted to those permit holders
  • Meter lots are enforced according to posted regulations at all timesStudent permits must be displayed by the first day of classes.
I'm retired - now what?
CONGRATULATIONS - and good luck on your next endeavor! Retired permits will be issued annually to individuals meeting the following criteria:
  • Retiree is eligible to receive WI Retirement System annuity payments for years of service
  • Retiree is at least 55 years of age
  • Retiree completed 10 years of service at UWSP
  • Retiree retired/separated from UWSP in good standing
  • Retiree is not currently employed by UWSP
The annual RETIRED parking permits may be picked up in the Parking Services office at your convenience after August 15th each year. Retired staff will have their work status verified by HR. The RETIRED hangtag permit is an annual permit intended for "occasional" visits to campus, however, is not meant for LIFE class attendance and/or student/work use. The RETIRED hangtag is valid in all university permit lots except A, F, G, H, D, Z, meters, fire zones, handicap stalls, reserved stalls, and/or limited zones.
Retired faculty/staff returning in "work status" may choose to participate in the annual priority parking assignment process and purchase a permit to park in a campus lot.