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2020 Academic Advisory Committee Meeting and

Senior Design Project Presentations

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Paper Science & Chemical Engineering Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) Meeting is an annual event held each spring.

Each year, representatives from the paper and allied industries gather with the Paper Science & Chemical Engineering faculty and staff to listen and assess the Senior Design Project Presentations and provide students with constructive feedback on their projects.  After the presentations the committee meeting begins with an update from Karyn Biasca, Department Chair, on the status of the Department where industry representatives' input is welcomed.  



Thank you for a great online event!  Next years will be May 20th, 2021. Stay tuned for details.

 If you would like to be a part of the online Academic Advisory Board meeting and/or be a part of the Senior Design Projects, please complete the registration form here and we will be sure to email you with further details as they become available.

Questions? Please contact Angie Hauer at 715-346-4817 or


Schedule for May 14, 2020


8:30 am Zoom meeting room opens

8:45 am Welcome and instructions

9:00 am Paper Science and Engineering Design Presentations (Break out rooms)

10:00 am Chemical Engineering Design Poster Presentations (Break out rooms)

11:15 am Academic Advisory Committee meeting 

12:00 pm Adjourn



Paper Science and Engineering: Senior Design Projects

Presented from 9am-10am

Pigmented Coating at Size Press

Students: Emily Demchik, Jordan Kwick, and Tyler Tanko

Abstract: The pilot paper machine at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UWSP) is a small-scale fourdrinier paper machine. The paper machine includes a horizontal size press. The size press has two shower bars that feed the size solution in between the two rolls. Currently, the size press is bypassed and not used for many runs. The size press has safety concerns, such as hoses laying on the ground and solution leaking from the size press. The size press has also never run pigment with starch. Research was done to see how a size press operates, the importance of starch recipe and cooking time, and the addition of pigments and how they affect the starch and paper.


Saveall System Optimization


Students:  Sydney Opdahl, Austin Jackson, Aaron Nickel, and Ahmed Masood

Abstract: Due to the pilot paper machine's versatility, it can run a wide array of fibers. During runs with long fibers, such as cotton, it is common to not run the saveall. Currently, there are four runs per year where issues with the saveall are encountered. The fibers plug the throat of the current saveall resulting in constantly monitoring the saveall or shutting the equipment down and not recovering fiber. To help solve this problem, a sidehill screen was purchased. The sidehill screen is a very simple and effective way to thicken stock. The screen has not been installed but trials were conducted to determine possible placements and methods of feeding stock onto the screen.

Secondary Headbox Optimization

Students:  Devin Pribyl, Kevin Moldenhauer, and Derek Tomczik

Abstract: The purpose of this project is to optimize the secondary headbox on the pilot paper machine and determine the variables affecting operating ranges and grade production challenges. The topics of research we believe to be the most beneficial for our engineering design project are secondary headboxes designs, operating ranges, and multi-ply grades.

Chemical Engineering: Senior Design Project

Original Problem Statement: Design a production plant for methanol. The target production rate for methanol is 430,000 mt/year. The plant will operate 350 days/year. Product purity must be 99.85 wt% methanol (minimum), with no more than 0.1 wt% water.

Eight teams of two students each will present their designs and recommendations at a poster session from 10:00-11:00 am.

Student Design Groups: 

Zachery Angle and Kevin Moldenhauer; Emily Demchik and Sydney Opdahl; Sean Powers and Devin Pribyl; Jordan Kwick and Ahmed Masood; Jacob Aegerter and Tyler Tanko; Patrick Muehlenkamp and Jacob Vollert; Austin Jackson and Aaron Nickel; and Omar Mullan and Derek Tomczik 




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