Photo by Jacob Anderson, College of Fine Arts and Communication

UW-Stevens Point is a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). As a CUR member, the Office of Student Creative Activity and Research (OSCAR) at UW-Stevens Point follows CURs five strategic pillars:

  • Integrating and Building Undergraduate Research into Curriculum and Coursework—focusing on building curriculum that is both research-based and supports undergraduate research as an outcome of curriculum.
  • Assessment of the Impact of Undergraduate Research—examines the outcomes of undergraduate research on students, faculty, curriculum and institutions.
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Undergraduate Research—offers undergraduate research to a wider audience of undergraduates, faculty, and institutions to increase the diversity of participants, particularly from underrepresented groups and institutions.
  • Innovation and Collaboration in Undergraduate Research—expanding undergraduate research opportunities beyond academic institutions to research collaborations with business and non-profit organizations as well as between higher education institutions.
  • Internationalization and Undergraduate Research—expanding the opportunities for research exchanges, research collaboration, and field research in international settings.

Approved by the Council on Undergraduate Research Executive Board – Aug. 25, 2014