​UW-Stevens Point Online Instructor Training

The Center for Inclusive Teaching and Learning (CITL) offers professional development and consultation services for instructors. Contact citl@uwsp.edu for more information. 

This page was created by UW-Stevens Point staff as a brief training tool for online instructors. It refers to D2L, however, the current Learning Management System used is Canvas. To begin the training you will be asked to complete a short self-assessment of your online instruction skills. After completing this self-assessment you will receive an email containing detailed feedback and resources you can use to learn more about any of the topics covered in the training. The feedback email will also contain a link to the Federal Regulations Knowledge Check mentioned above. Once you complete the Federal Regulations Knowledge Check you will receive another email containing your score and feedback. Instructors are encouraged to review the training feedback and visit all of the resources contained in the email to learn more.

We thank Pennsylvania State University for allowing us to model our self-assessment tool from theirs and for their help during the development process. This tool, like the "Penn State Faculty Self-Assessment: Preparing for Online Teacher" tool is licensed under Creative Commons.

In an effort to promote best practices in online education, UW-Stevens Point has produced an online instructor training program.  Our University Handbook (Chapter 5, Section 15: Policies Pertaining to the Provision of Distance Education) articulates the policy that requires instructor training for all instructors engaged in online and hybrid modes of instruction.  The UW-Stevens Point training program focuses on best practices and pedagogies for the online delivery format, and the training also covers important federal regulations and considerations as they apply to the online environment.  To ensure instructors are cognizant of the regulations and compliance issues associated with online education, the training program includes a short knowledge check intended to measure an instructor's knowledge and understanding of important federal regulations and compliance topics.  A minimum score of 10 correct answers out of 12 total questions is required on this knowledge check, and once you complete the short knowledge check you will receive an email with your results.  You may retake this knowledge check as necessary to achieve the minimum score.

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The UW-Stevens Point Online Instructor Training is adapted from the Faculty Self-Assessment:Preparing for Online Teaching by Penn State University. It  is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License