​Online Course Development Grant


The Online Course Development grant program is designed to promote the development of quality online courses and programs that meet UW-Stevens Point goals. Through this program, instructors may be compensated for the time they spend developing online courses that:
  • Increase access for current students
  • Increase course options, particularly GEP offerings and prerequisites
  • Extend existing curriculum to more students
  • Aid in degree completion
  • Reduce scheduling conflicts

 General Information

Grant awards are $1,000 per credit developed, with a maximum of $4,000 per course.   

Following funding approval, a development schedule that aligns with offering the course will be determined by the instructor and design staff.  Generally, instructors should expect to meet with design staff a minimum of 1 hour per week and should expect to work a minimum of 2 hours per week on their own.  

The following requirements must be met before grant funds are distributed.
  • Instructor (author) completes the QM DYOC workshop (workshop fee paid by CITL).
  • Course development is completed, in coordination with CITL staff.
  • The course and course materials meet CITL accessbility requirements.
  • The course passes a QM review managed by CITL staff. Passing a QM review includes the completion of self-reviews by the instructor and at least two CITL staff and course revisions/updates to meet QM standards.
  • The course is offered online.

 Proposal Criteria

Grant applications will be assessed based on:

  1. General Education Applicability - higher scores given to courses that fulfill multiple GEP categories
  2. Transferability - based on UW System Transfer Guides
  3. Degree Needs - course can be used in multiple degree programs
  4. High Demand - course has had high enrollment historically, course frequently has a waitlist and/or the course is a bottleneck course
  5. Insourcing – offers a course that UWSP students currently or historically take at a different school
  6. New Market - meets a new audience/group's demand for this course
  7. Other - applicants will have the option to explain during the application process


Term Course Will be Offered Application Deadline​ Approval Decision​ Begin Development​ Complete Development​
​Fall May 1​ ​May 15 ​June 1 ​August 25
Winter​ & Spring ​August 15
​September 1
​September 20 ​December 20
​Summer January 15
​January 25
​February 15 ​May 15


Please see the timeline below to familiarize yourself with expected workflow during the course development process.

Online Course Development Timeline