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Extenuating Circumstance
Type of Issue
Required Documentation (letters should be printed on
Work Related
Required overtime, required schedule
· Letter from employer including effective date(s) and whether the increase in hours was mandatory
Reduced hours resulting in increased
childcare need, layoff, job loss
· Letter from employer
· Termination/separation letter
Serious illness or change in health status
· Letter stating doctor advised period of home rest
· Record of doctor appointments
· Letter stating doctor advised reduced course load
· Letter stating doctor advised period of recovery
· Record of doctor appointments
· Copies of medical bills documenting illness/injury
Mental health issue
· Letter from doctor, therapist and/or counselor
Dental emergency
· Record of dental office visit(s)
· Letter from dentist
· Letter from dentist advising period of recovery
Child’s medical condition
· Records from daycare/school that child was required to be kept home (include in appeal the reasons for which alternative daycare was not available and what the specific plan would be if this occurred again in the future).
· Records from doctor appointments
· Letter from doctor advising period of recovery
Daycare issue
· Letter from former daycare provider
· Letter from new daycare provider
Death of a loved one
· Obituary
· Funeral program
· Letter from counselor
· Eviction notice
· Letter from transitional housing program
Assault/domestic violence
· Police report
· Court documentation
· Letter from clergy, social worker, counselor, and/or doctor
Please provide any additional documentation that you feel will support your appeal. Note: Letters (typed and on letterhead) from medical professionals should also state whether the area of concern has been resolved and provide a  professional opinion regarding the student’s ability to  return to  school.