Calendar of Events

All events take place at 7:30pm in Michelsen Hall, located in the Noel Fine Arts Center, unless otherwise noted.

Ticketed events are part of our Music Department Scholarship Series (Adult $10; Senior Citizens $7; UWSP Faculty, Students & Youth $5; free to UWSP students with valid ID the day of the concert, if not sold out). All proceeds go towards music scholarships.

Special Fee events include a fee for students and are not free the day of the concert.

Please call the UWSP Box Office to purchase tickets

Recitals and Concerts are continually added to this Events Calendar, please check back as events are subject to change.

Spring 2017


​7 Wisconsin Trumpet Guild Conference, concerts at

​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra presents Central Wisconsin Jazz Ensemble with Trumpeter Rex Richardson (for tickets contact CWSO)

​27 Brothers, Sing On all day event with concert at 4:45 p.m.
​28​UWSP String Day all day event with concert at 3 p.m.
​​Guest Artists Recital: Holly Janz, mezzo-soprano and Michael Keller, piano  (1 p.m. NFAC 221)


3 ​Jazz Ensemble featuring Ben Allison Trio (special fee)
​9 ​Opera Club Scenes (5:30 p.m.)
​9 ​Alloy Horn Quartet
18 ​Student Recital: Marie Von Rueden, violin
19​ ​Student Recital: Sydni Euclide, horn (6:00 p.m.)
​22 ​Jazz Repertory Concert
​25/26 Central Wisconsin Symphony Orcestra (Sentry Theater) for tickets contact  CWSO


1 UWSP Symphony Orchestra Concert (ticketed event)
3 ​UWSP Combined Choirs Concert (ticketed event)
​4​UWSP Piano Day featuring guest artist Read Gainsford
​5 Student Recital: Janna Beilke-Skoug, cello (3 p.m.)
​6​Guest Recital: New York Jazz Guitarist Pete McCann Quartet
​7 ​Faculty Recital: Patrick Lawrence, trombone (ticketed event)
9 ​UWSP Campus Band Concert (ticketed event)
10 UWSP Concert Band and Wind Ensemble Concert (7 p.m. ticketed event)
12 ​Oboe Studio Recital (1 p.m., NFAC 221)
13 Faculty Recital: Molly Roseman, piano (ticketed event)
​13​Alumni Recital: Matt Clark, percussion (NFAC 250)
14 UWSP Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble (ticketed event)
​15​UWSP Jazz Combos
26 ​Student Recital: Erin Olson and Jared Zinda, horn (3 p.m.)
27 ​Faculty Recital: Brian Baldauff, percussion (ticketed event)
30 Student Recital: Jacob Opperman, saxophone


​5 ​Nomad Concert (NFAC 221)
​6​Voice Area Colloquium with guest pianist Jeff Watson (4 p.m., NFAC 221)
7/8 ​UWSP Opera Workshop presents Speed Dating -​ pre-concert discussion 6:45 p.m. (special fee)
​9​Student Recital: Corey Landon, saxophone (1 p.m.)
9 ​Student Recital: Emily Schultz, trumpet (3 p.m.)
​9​Student Recital: Brenna Ohrmundt, clarinet
​12​Guest Recital: Peter Thomas and Lynn Kabat, cello
​13​Faculty Lecture Recital: Mathew Buchman's Duo for Two Pianos, Four Hands
​14 ​Student Recital: John Hofmann, trumpet
​15​Student Recital: James Kuzmic, tuba (1 p.m.)
​17 ​Composer's Concert
​20 ​Low Brass Studio Recital
​21 ​Percussion Ensemble
​22 ​UWSP Point Percussion Festival
22/23​ ​Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra (Sentry Theater) for tickets contact CWSO
​23​Student Recital: Kate Suszek, saxophone (1 p.m.)
​23​UWSP Clarinet Studio Recital (4:30 p.m.)
25 ​UWSP Jazz Band (ticketed event)
​26 UWSP Symphony Orchestra Concert (ticketed event)
28 ​Soiree Musicale (6 p.m. special fee)
29​​Student Recital: Alyson Evans, percussion (2 p.m.)
​29​UWSP Flute Studio Recital (4 p.m.)
​29​Guest Recital: Rector-Hong Piano Duo
​30​Student Recital: Nick Verheyen, trombone (1 p.m.)
30​​Piano Area Recital (5 p.m.)
​30​Student Recital: James Wagner, cello


2 ​UWSP Campus Orchestra and Campus Band Concert (ticketed event)
3 ​UWSP Concert Band and Wind Ensemble Concert (ticketed event)
4 ​UWSP Concert Choir Concert (ticketed event)
​7 ​Student Recital: Alexander Ferkey, bass (4 p.m., NFAC 221)
​8 ​Student Recital: John Leja, percussion
​8​Jazz Combos (5:30 p.m., DUC Brewhaus)
9 ​UWSP Jazz Ensemble Concert featuring jazz trombonist Michael Dease (ticketed event)
​10 ​Department of Music Awards Ceremony
​11​Student Recital: Malakai Flynn, guitar (NFAC 340)
​13 ​Faculty Recital: Matthew Markham, baritone and Molly Roseman, piano (4 p.m., ticketed event)
​14Student Recital: Minji Olson, cello ​(5 p.m.)
17 ​Stduent Recital: Tess Tranel and Gina Sayler, soprano (NFAC 221)