Composition, Music Theory,
and Ear training

Musicianship is on the "cutting edge" of curricular development, not only in the courses that we offer, but in the way that we teach them.


1. In Tune magazine recently named UW-Stevens Point and the Musicianship (Music Theory) program as one of the top 43 programs in the U.S.

2. Composers at UW-Stevens Point have won national and statewide awards as diverse as the ASCAP/H. Robert Reynolds Young Composer Award to the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. Student composers have had their works published by numerous publishers and featured in Music Education textbooks. Students regularly place or win state, regional, and larger competitions. Recent student graduates have also been offered graduate school fellowships at San Francisco Conservatory, USC, University of Miami, Peabody Conservatory, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, Cal Arts, Seattle / Pacific Film Institute, and Eastman among others.

3. Student composers have their work performed. Past student works have been heard in Europe, Carnegie Hall, Nashville, Disneyworld and at leading U.S. universities. UWSP composition students have also been the feature of magazine articles in the Wisconsin School Musician, Korg Soundtree, and Wisconsin Ideas. Published student works decorate the walls of our Computer Music Center.

4. UW-Stevens Point is a vibrant community of creative musicians. At UWSP every music student takes composition and learns to improvise.

5. At UW-Stevens Point, there are competitions to compose for a major ensemble (band, orchestra, choir or jazz ensemble) EVERY year and composers' concerts every semester. Since 2010, over 20 student large ensemble works have been publicly performed on campus, with eight more being performed off-campus on subscription orchestra concerts throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Countless solo, chamber, and theatric works (including a full musical) have been performed as well. 

6. Composers at UW-Stevens Point are ENCOURAGED to write in many different styles, pitch languages and media. YOUR music is our goal.

7. UWSP has special facilities designed for creative musicians. All music students have access to the Computer Music Center (CMC) and Portable Practice Units. Alumni have worked at Make Music (makers of FINALE), Sweetwater Sound and MUSITEK resulting from their UWSP experiences.

8. UW-Stevens Point has the Very Young Composers Project, a program started by Jon Deak of the New York Philharmonic. Since 2011, 150 grade school composers have created over 165 original compositions.  38 of the Young Composers have gone on to orchestrate their compositions for public performances by wind bands or orchestras.  During that time, 59 UW-Stevens Point music majors have participated as their Teaching Artists.

9. UW-Stevens Point hosts a wide range of Guest Composers, including film, TV, jazz and classical composers. Wynton Marsalis, David Amram, Bobby McFerrin, Maria Schneider, Gwyneth Walker, Charlie Barnett (film composer), Frank Ticheli, and Marianne Ploger have visited in recent years.

10. UW-Stevens Point has a dedicated and award winning
faculty to assist you in your artistic development: