What are the entrance requirements?

The requirements vary depending on the emphasis

Emphasis​ ​GRE​ ​Certification​ Audition​
​No ​Yes N​o
​Suzuki​ No​ No​ No*​
​​Studio Pedagogy ​No No​ Yes​
*Suzuki applicants with undergraduate music degrees need not audition for admission unless they wish to be considered for scholarships. ​ ​ ​


What courses are required for the degree?

Each emphasis requires a total of 30 credits of work. Generally, these credits are split among courses in music education (6 credits), music history (6 credits), and music theory (6 credits). Some of the programs also require applied instruction (two semesters at 2 credits each). The remaining credits (7 to 8) are distributed between electives and the culminating project. Requirements for each emphasis vary slightly.

What about residency requirements?

If you are not a Wisconsin resident, the information at the residency link will be helpful in determining residency status for tuition purposes.



Graduate Studies in Music Education at UWSP

Thank you for your interest in graduate study in music education at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. This page will provide answers to many questions you may have about our programs. You can also consult the online catalog for specific catalog information.

What degree is offered?

The course of study leads to a Master of Music Education Degree. You will apply for admission to the University and to one of several emphases or areas of concentration.

What are the possible emphases?

You may concentrate in elementary/secondary music education, Suzuki talent education, or studio pedagogy.


What does it cost to attend UWSP?

Click here for information on tuition, fees, and links to financial aid information.

What about admission for international students?

The music department requires a minimum TOEFL score of 550 or equivalent in the computer-based test (cbt). Click here for other important information for prospective foreign students.


How can I apply for admission?

There are two application forms, one to the University and one to the Music Department. You can apply to admission to the University online; click here for a PDF version of the application to the Music Education Program. In addition, you must supply two letters of recommendation from people are familiar with your work as a teacher or as a student. You can also contact us by mail, phone or email to receive an application form in the mail. See the contact methods below.

Who can provide answers to other questions about the graduate program in music education?

Contact Rachel Brashier, Assistant Professor, Director of Music Eucation, in one of the following ways:

email: Rachel.Brashier@uwsp.edu
phone: (715)346-2227 or
write to: Music Department
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Stevens Point, WI 54481