Group Piano Placements

All non-keyboard music majors must fulfill piano proficiency requirements as designated in their specific degree plans.  See piano requirements for your specific area in the UWSP Course Catalog. All entering freshman and transfer music majors must meet with the piano faculty to determine appropriate piano placement. Piano placements are determined during music entrance auditions, or if necessary, by appointment with piano faculty. Students with no previous keyboard experience are automatically placed into the beginning level of group piano.

Students with piano background should be prepared to play a short prepared piece; sight-read a short excerpt; and demonstrate previously acquired technical skills such as scales and chord progressions.

Students interested in fine tuning their skills in preparation for piano placement exams and/or group piano classes are encouraged to examine the following information:

Keyboard Placement

On the day of your audition, if you have prior experience you will meet with the piano faculty to determine placement-with the exception of those auditioning on piano. Those without a piano background will be placed in beginning class piano. For those with piano ability, please be prepared to:

  • Perform a short prepared piece
  • Sight-read
  • Play major scales 

Note: if you are auditioning on piano as a major or minor, you should prepare for a full audition as explained in the Audition Preparation guidelines.