‚ÄčAudition Day Preparation

Auditioning students should be prepared to demonstrate the technical skills applicable to their area of performance, such as scales and vocalization.

Students will be expected to perform two contrasting pieces of music unless noted. Representative pieces can be studies, etudes, Class A contest solos, etc.


  • Two pieces in contrasting style
  • A three octave major scale of your choice
  • A three octave melodic minor scale of your choice
  • Sight-reading

Woodwind & Brass

  • Two pieces in contrasting style- one more technical and one more lyrical
  • Sight-reading
  • Several scales: major, minor, and/or chromatic


  • Two pieces in contrasting style - one in English and one in a foreign language
  • Sight-reading
  • Tonal and rhythmic memory exercises


Perform a solo on two of the four core instrument categories listed below. If auditioning for scholarships, please perform on three of the four categories.

  • Snare Drum - concert or rudimental (both would be preferred).
  • Keyboard Percussion (marimba, vibraphone, or xylophone - 2 or 4 Mallets).
  • Timpani - also demonstrate abiliity to tune the drums to given pitches.
  • Drum set -
    • Play time in several styles including rock, swing, funk, various Latin styles.
    • Trade 4's in your chosen styles.
    • Play an improvised solo with a clear beginning and ending.

Sight reading is required on snare drum and keyboard percussion. Knowledge of scales and arpeggios is expected on keyboard instruments. Perform open and closed rolls and other standard rudiments on snare drum.


  • Two Jazz pieces of contrasting style, one medium-tempo and one up-tempo including a melody statement, comping and an improvised chorus on each tune
  • Demonstration of any other style (classical or rock for example)
  • Sight reading


Graduate (MM: Music Education):


  • Contrapuntal work by Bach or from the Baroque period
  • Movement(s) of a classical sonata (e.g. Beethoven, Hayden and Mozart)
  • Romantic and/or twentieth-century work (jazz works may be included)
  • Sight-reading may be requested
Music minor: 2 memorized works chosen from the suggested reportoire