Faculty & Staff

Assistant Professor of Percussion
NFAC 316
Professor of Voice
NFAC 313
Professor of Oboe
NFAC 304
Assistant Professor of Saxophone
NFAC 322
Assistant Professor
Director of Music Education
NFAC 318
Associate Lecturer - Flute
NFAC 307
Associate Lecturer - Cello
NFAC 307
Associate Professor
UWSP at Marshfield
Associate Professor
UWSP at Wausau
NFAC 308 - Wausau 207
Professor & Director of Jazz Studies
NFAC 321
Lecturer of Music Education
Assistant Professor of Violin and Viola
NFAC 334
Senior Instrument Specialist
NFAC 333
Associate Lecturer of Guitar
Lecturer of Jazz Percussion
NFAC 316
Professor of Low Brass & Music Education
NFAC 332
Director of Bands
NFAC 317
Assistant Professor of Clarinet and Music Theory
NFAC 311
Associate Professor of Voice
NFAC 312
Assistant Professor
Director of Choral Activities
NFAC 315
Assistant Professor of Horn and Orchestral Director
NFAC 322
Associate Lecturer of Music History
NFAC 335
Professor of Piano
NFAC 319
Associate Lecturer of Class Piano
NFAC 320
Professor of String Bass
NFAC 335
Chair of Department
Professor of Trumpet
NFAC 336
Lori Yonash
Lori Yonash
University Services Associate 1
NFAC 254