Computer Music Center

At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, our commitment to technology is second to none! Graduates of UW-Stevens Point can be assured that they will acquire the necessary skills in music and technology to excel in the musical world of the 21st Century. The UW-Stevens Point Computer Music Center houses 18 computer workstations and 12 portable practice stations which represent the latest in music technology. Using this technology, students develop their creative skills while also gaining experience working with digital technology and recording techniques. Use of these resources is required in conjunction with the student's coursework in music theory, and encouraged in private study, music history, chamber music and ensemble performance. Hands-on training sessions are provided frequently for every music major from the time they arrive through graduation.

The Computer Music Center houses a variety of tools that can aid students and faculty alike in doing their work more efficiently and effectively. In the Computer Music Center, one will find 18 production workstations each containing a large screen iMac Computer, Roland Juno D MIDI keyboard/synthesizer, headphones, Yamaha mixers, and a music software package consisting of: FINALE, a music notation program, DIGITAL PERFORMER, a sequencing/audio recording program, PRACTICA MUSICA, a Music Theory program, BAND IN A BOX, an improvisation program, and various supporting internet, word processing and related software packages.

These software programs allow students to perform, improvise and/or compose on a musical keyboard and see the music printed on the computer screen before them. Students can also record and produce their own digital recording, and to perform various Music theory skills necessary to develop their overall musicianship. All of these production workstations are networked using a Fileserver so that students can perform any virtually any these musical tasks on any of the workstations. Additionally, all of the production workstations have audio connections to a mixing board in the Computer Music Center, where students can produce professional quality CD recordings of any of their work and/or homework assignments. Students and Faculty can also display their work using a presentation system housed in the Computer Music Center.


Portable Practice Units

In the Computer Music Center one will also find 12 portable practice units. These units include a Boss BR-1200CD Multitrack Production workstation, a Boss DB-90 metronome/tuner, a microphone, headphones and a microphone stand. All of these items fit inside a portable case that is small and light enough for any student to carry with them to lessons, classes and rehearsals. These portable practice units represent a revolutionary approach to teaching music at the university level. With these portable practice units a student can record all of the parts of a piece by themselves in an environment that reinforces good study skills/practice habits while maximizing the benefits of digital technology and acoustic performing environments! These units can be used in the Computer Music Center in conjunction with the 18 production workstations or in a classroom, concert hall, and/or practice room environment. These units can also allow students to get immediate feedback and awareness from their performance and archive their progress as musicians on a CD. UW-Stevens Point has the only portable practice units of this configuration in the nation! The Computer Music Center also utilizes a Yamaha DISKLAVIER II Digital acoustic piano which can perform computer realized compositions and performances on an acoustic piano. 

Recording a French Horn sessionStudents are trained in how to use and operate all of this equipment during their first month on campus as a requirement for the Musicianship I course that is required of all music majors and minors. This allows students access to these powerful tools during the entire time they are at UW-Stevens Point. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Computer Music Center is that it is staffed entirely by student volunteers. These students staff the Computer Music Center on a 'round the clock basis seven days a week and work very hard to help each other with advanced technical questions that cannot be covered entirely in the Training sessions. This experience along with the support of our entire faculty and staff allows our music students at UW-Stevens Point to gain valuable teaching experience using the tools that will help shape them as musical leaders in this century!