Math Room - SCI A113A    

Sc​hedule fo​r Fall 2018 

The Math Room is staffed by math majors who have successfully completed at least through Math 121. Most of the tutors, however, have had some 200 and 300 level math courses as well. The Math Room schedule is usually available in the second week of the semester. 
Math Room also provides a public tutoring for middle and high school students -Schedule for Fall 2018

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Maggi Milkovich 


The tutors are prepared to tutor students in Math 90, 95, 107, 109, 111, 112, 118, 119, 120, 121, and 355. Often, students will come in with questions from Math 220, 222 or 300, for example, and if the tutor has had this course, she/he will be willing to help the student in these courses as well. (Students also occasionally come in with questions from a biology, chemistry or physics course and, again, the tutor will work with the student and answer any questions she/he is able to).
Supplementary materials such as texts and student solutions manuals are available for use while in the Math Room and may not be checked out or taken out of the Math Room.
The Math Room is also a great place to work alone or together with other students on math homework. When a question comes up, a tutor is there to help.
The tutors are also prepared to refer a student to the TLC, Tutoring Learning Center, for more intensive tutoring if need be

MathPad - CCC 302     

Schedule for Fall 2018

The MathPad offers Math 90 , Math 95, and Math 107 students:
·      A place for doing online homework through WebAssign, getting immediate feedback on their work and having a tutor at hand when they have questions.
·      A lab next to their instructor’s office allowing students to ask questions during office hours and continue to work nearby on more homework.
·      A tutoring/studying lab staffed by the Tutoring-Learning Center in the evenings.
       If you have a question, please fell free to contact Terry Rood (EMAIL: