Programs in Mat​​hematics

All students majoring in mathematics at UW-Stevens Point begin by taking three semesters of Calculus and one semester of Linear Algebra. They then complete their program choosing one of the following options: The Mathematics Major, The Mathematics Major with Actuarial Emphasis, The Mathematics Major for Teaching Certification.

The Mathematics​ Major

This option allows you to specialize, or to acquire a broad background, in mathematics by selecting from various areas of mathematics such as linear algebra, abstract algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, differential equations, geometry, history of mathematics, number theory, numerical analysis, and probability & statistics.

The Mathematics Major with Actu​arial Emphasis

This option requires students to specialize in those mathematical areas with particular value to actuarial science. A strong concentration of mathematics courses, including linear algebra and probability & statistics, is necessary, along with other courses in applied mathematics and actuarial science. Successful completion of one of the SOA examinations is an additional requirement for this emphasis.

The Mathematics Major for Teachin​g Certification

This option is structured to ensure that you will satisfy the licensing requirements for secondary teacher certification by completing dedicated geometry and statistics courses containing integrated educational methods. Additional mathematics courses from the areas of analysis, abstract algebra, and discrete mathematics provide a comprehensive content preparation. Additional educational training in mathematics teaching technology, mathematics educational methods, and the history of mathematics ensure your subject competency. A secondary student teaching experience completes the requirements for this major.​