​Mathematics Major with Actuarial Emphasis​​

This option requires students to specialize in mathematical areas which have particular value to actuarial science. This program features a strong concentration of mathematics courses,including linear algebra and probability & s tatistics, along with other courses in applied mathematics, business, and economics, and preparation courses for Society of Actuaries (SOA) examinations. 

Description Consists of at least 50 credits:

1. Collateral Business and Computer Science Requirements (required but not 
    part of the 50 credits mentioned above):
a. CIS 102 (Spreadsheet or Database), CIS 110, Acct210
b. One of Acct 211, CIS 210, Engl 351

2. Mathematics Foundation Courses (20 credits): Math 120, 121, 213, 222, 
    300. Note: Math 300 includes written communication in the major 

3. Core (21 credits): Complete all of the following.
a. Probability and Statistics: Math 356 and 357
b. Theory of Interest: Math 362
c. Economics: Econ 110 and Econ 111
d. Finance: Bus 350 and Bus 353

4. Breadth Electives (9 to 10 additional credits)
a. (3 credits) Take one additional course from Math 305, 310, 315, 
    320, 323, 324, 327, 330, 331, 332, 360, 367
b. (3 or 4 credits) Take one additional course from 4a or 3-4 credits 
    from Math 390, 395, 499, Bus 343, 352, 356, Econ 310, 360
c. (3 credits) Oral Communication in the Major: Take either Math 380 or 
    381 or another course approved by the chair

5. Capstone Experience (0 to 2 credits): Take an actuarial exam; also take 
    Math 358 (course requirement is waived if an actuarial exam is passed).

To have a major in mathematics approved for graduation, you must have a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (2.75 to student teach) in the courses you select to satisfy the requirements of the major. In addition, you must achieve a grade of C or better in at least 18 credits in required courses numbered 300 or above. These standards apply regardless of a declaration of academic bankruptcy. The department chair may allow exceptions on a conditional basis.