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What Can I Do With a Math Major

From UW-Stevens Point?

Interested in where UW-Stevens Point mathematics graduates end up? Here are some examples from recent graduates of the department.

Abram Towle      

Major(s): Mathematics, German   
Minor(s): International Studies   
Graduation Year: 2012
Current Job Title: Master Production Scheduler, Provident Nutraceutical
Job Description: “I develop forecasts based on historical trends and seasonality to generate a sustainable production schedule. From regression analysis to projected inventory calculations, math is front-and-center in a variety of forms.”
Advice: “Be imaginative when it comes to math and stay flexible with your area of focus; math skills have applications well-beyond the covers of textbooks.”

Ashley Collegnon

Major(s): Mathematics for Secondary Education   
Minor(s): Music   
Graduation Year: 2014
Current Job Title: Math Teacher, DeForest Area High School
Job Description: “I teach high school math by engaging students in problem solving. I encourage students to work together to discuss real world problems and complete hands-on activities. I am not only teaching math concepts but also critical thinking skills and perseverance.”
Advice: “Amidst the integrating, proving, and theorizing take time to discover why you are passionate about math. Few people will find the same beauty in your integration by parts problem, and you will want a way to share your knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Janet Koehne

Major(s): Mathematics  
Minor(s): Business, Economics  
Graduation Year: 2017
Current Job Title: Appointment Services Representative, Schneider International
Job Description: Schedule drop off and pickup time for intermodal containers between the railway and the trucks. Work with drivers to optimize the delivery time for customers.
Advice: “It’s okay to start your homework early. This way you can get help if needed so you understand the material before there’s more.”

Jocelyn Storer

Major(s): Mathematics
Minor(s): Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2011
Current Job Title: Buyer, Cable & Wire for Rockwell Automation
Job Description: “Reporting and analysis are used to forecast and implement productivity savings. Critical thinking and problem solving used in recognizing issues and making decisions with suppliers. I also use lots of formulas in Excel, for work efficiency and for actual solutions.”
Advice: “Mathematics provides a stable foundation for problem solving and setting to refine critical thinking skills that can really be used in any career path, so stick with it!”

Nathan Towle

Major(s): Mathematics, German
Minor(s): Web and Digital Media Development, International Studies
Graduation Year: 2015
Current Job Title: Statistics Analyst, Sentry Insurance
Job Description: “I scrutinize data sets for potential inconsistencies based on statistical plans outlined by various bureaus and states; attention to detail and perseverance in identifying these anomalies is a crucial part of success. Basic mathematical functions are regularly used, but more essential is the critical thinking associated with process and efficiency improvements to mitigate human error.
Advice: “Math is linked to a nearly limitless number of career paths. The skills and problem-solving approaches learned in math are invaluable to any employer. What you learn in the classroom is undeniably important; how that knowledge is applied in the real world, however, far outweighs the ability to recite formulas, theorems, and famous mathematicians.”

Nick Pilsner

Major(s): Mathematics- emphasis on Actuarial Science
Minor(s): Economics
Graduation Year: 2012
Current Job Title: Actuarial Analyst II, Sentry Insurance
Job Description: “I use math in my day-to-day responsibilities to predict future claim payments and price the insurance we sell accordingly. We translate a multitude of different real-life factors into numbers to develop these predictions.”
Advice: “Challenge yourself. Do different things-things that aren’t the norm. You will open new doors and experience greater fulfillment once you achieve your goals.”

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