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What are Escape Rooms?
Escape Rooms are one-hour themed challenges in which a team must work together to find clues to solve puzzles, crack codes, and unlock locks to ultimately complete a mission before time runs out!

Who are Escape Rooms for?
Escape Rooms are perfect for friends, families, co-workers and more!  Best for ages 12 and up.  

Why try Escape Rooms?
For fun!  Escape Rooms offer a unique form of entertainment that allows for socializing, problem solving, team building and comraderie. 

Escape Rooms for Professional Development?
Yes! We offer special Escape Rooms for professional development.  This is a fun, local way to boost morale in the workplace.  Escape Rooms are the perfect way to practice teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving and communication.  We offer post-game debriefings with a trained facilitator. 
Contact Continuing Education for details or to schedule a time.  We can even include lunch!  |  715-389-6520

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Project Save Graduation

Some one has stolen the Dean's precious clicker.  She is threatening to cancel graduation if the clicker is not returned to its secret hiding spot by the time she returns from her meeting.  Your mission is to break into the Dean's office and return the clicker to its secret hiding spot by the time she returns in order to save graduation.  The students are counting on you!  (Room for 3-6 people)  
Hours: Friday evenings (4:30, 6:15 & 8 p.m.) and Saturday afternoons (11 a.m., 12:45 & 2:30 p.m.)

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The Missing Patient

You have been hired as the new nursing team for UWSP at Marshfield Care Center.  While cleaning the waiting room, your patient Mr. Franklin disappeared!  The Dr. will return in one hour.  If Mr. Franklin is not returned to his bed, your entire team runs the risk of losing their jobs!  You have one hour to find clues in the care center to determine Mr. Franklin's whereabouts and return him to his bed.  (Room for 3-6 people)  
Hours: Thursday evenings (4:30, 6:15 & 8 p.m.) and Saturday evenings (4:15, 6 & 7:45 p.m.)

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The Mysterious Forest

Taking place at our campus Arboretum, this particular escape room isn't staged in a room at all!  Built for groups of 8 or more, it's the perfect retreat for co-workers, friends, families and more!  Available by appointment only (day or evening).  Please call Rebecca at 715-389-6520 for details.

Test Group #1 for "Project Save Graduation"
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Test Group #2 for "Project Save Graduation"

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