Sexual Misconduct & Dating Violence

Sexual Misconduct, Dating/Relationship Violence & Gender-based Discrimination

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Marshfield is committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning and working environment. We prohibit gender-based discrimination or harassment (including sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, dating/relationship violence, and stalking), as outlined in our policy and Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972.

Reporting a Concern

We encourage all members of our educational community to seek support for and report all sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and gender-based discrimination. The Submit a Report page offers different avenues you have to share your concerns. You can find a list of confidential reporting options on our resources page.


There are campus and community-based resources to help you respond to or manage sexual misconduct, dating/relationship violence, or gender-based discrimination. Visit the Title IX homepage for more detailed information about Title IX, or visit the resources webpage for information on your local campus contacts, law enforcement, medical and health care, counseling, and related support.

Center for Prevention

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Marshfield is committed to reducing sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking and harassment. The Center for Prevention is dedicated to helping students understand how the issues of substance abuse and interpersonal violence affect academic, social, emotional, and physical well being.