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Professional Associate Degrees

NEW to UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield

Associate degree courses prepare students to complete bachelor’s degrees. An associate degree from UW-Stevens Point at Wausau or Marshfield guarantees transfer to other UW institutions with all lower-division general education requirements completed. The transition is seamless to UW-Stevens Point’s main campus for a bachelor’s degree.: 

Applied Finance

  • Provides basic knowledge in economics, accounting, finance, investments and financial planning
  • Coursework applies to requirements for a B.S. in business administration or a B.S. in finance
  • Two-year graduation plan (PDF)

Environmental Science and Management

  • Provides introduction to ecological sciences and resource management practices
  • Coursework applies to a B.S. in fisheries and water resources, forestry, resource management, soil and waste resources or wildlife ecology and management

Health Sciences

  • Provides survey of life sciences and core concepts in medical practice
  • Coursework applies to a B.S. in health science

Human Services

  • Provides framework for professional practice in human services
  • Coursework applies to requirements for a B.S. in psychology, sociology or social work
  • Two-year graduation plan (PDF)

Leadership and Project Management

  • Provides introduction to core concepts related to managing people and projects
  • Coursework applies to a B.S. in business administration or management
  • Two-year graduation plan (PDF)

For more information, contact the UW-Stevens Point Office of Admissions and Recruitment at or 715-346-4144.

Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS)

The Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree is the foundation for many college majors and for the bachelor's degree. The AAS degree provides a two-year, general education liberal arts-based academic program with training in the fine arts and humanities, mathematical and natural sciences, and social sciences.

The AAS degree is a foundation for many majors in the University of Wisconsin System and is generally accepted by other University of Wisconsin System institutions as fulfilling the university-wide general education breadth requirements. Students may earn the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree with Emphasis.

Please see the Academic Advising page for degree planning help.

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