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Naturalization Request Form PDF

The information found on Naturalization records varies greatly depending on the time period and the county of issuance. Early records may only contain the individual's name, country of origin, and signature. Later records will contain all the above and may also contain date of birth, ship name, immigration date, spouse and children, occupation, and personal appearance. The UWSP ARC maintains the naturalization records for the following counties: Adams (1853-1949), Juneau (1849-1957), Langlade (1881-1957), Lincoln (1872-1958), Marathon (1851-1991), Portage (1844-1956), Waupaca (1853-1948), Waushara (1852-1949) and Wood (1858-1991).

 Vital Records

Vital Records Request Form PDF

Use this form to order birth, marriage and death records from 1852 to September 1907. The records are indexed through the Wisconsin Historical Society's Genealogy Index. Please note that this is a state-wide index, UWSP Archives and Area Research Center only has vital records for Adams, Juneau, Lincoln, Langlade, Marathon, Portage, Waupaca, Waushara and Wood counties. Vital records from other Wisconsin Counties can be ordered through the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Wisconsin Genealogy Index and e-commerce site:

 Wausau Centennial Association Genealogy Papers

Genealogy Papers Request Form PDF

Nearly 8,000 folders of genealogical charts compiled by the association in interviews of city households during Wausau's centennial in 1939 (a name index is available for these records).

The amount of information in each family's file varies greatly. Information usually includes names of the immediate family, address, birth date and place, marriage date, military service, and occupation.

Some files may also include the following: memberships, church affiliation, death date and burial place, education level; date ancestors came to Marathon County and why they came, where they first lived, and their occupation. Similar information for spouse, children, siblings, and spouse's siblings, and for ancestors may also be included in a family's file.

Occasionally heirlooms or museum pieces that are in the family's possession are noted. Some charts consist of a handwritten original in pencil which was later, presumably, transcribed and typed. In some cases, there are discrepancies between these two versions. If there is more than one copy, both will be copied and sent to you.