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Video Preview Procedures for Videos over $200

Because of the high cost and low use of some videos, the library requires all videos over $200 to be previewed before purchase. Departments must order videos for preview. Departments are also responsible for preview costs.

First, call Anne Swenson at x4937 to check whether someone else on campus has already ordered this video.

Second, be sure your library allocation is sufficient to purchase the video.

Third, use the following guidelines to help your department as well as the library in handling these requests. There are three possible scenarios depending on the policy of the company:

1. Preview a video trailer available via the company's website.

2. You may receive a new video from the company.

  • When requesting your title, ask that an invoice be sent along with the video. If you decide against purchase, you will send back the invoice with the video to the company.
  • If you decide to keep the video, send the video along with the invoice and a completed order card to the Library's Acquisitions Dept. for processing. The cost of the video will be deducted from the appropriate library allocation which might be entirely from your department, a combination of departments, and/or cost sharing with the library.

3. You may receive a preview-only (not new) video from the company.

  • If you decide you want to purchase the title you must return the preview copy to the company and send an order card with brochures, etc. to Acquisitions. Indicate on the order card that the title has been previewed.
  • Most companies require purchase decisions within 30 days.

If your program assistant or whoever is responsible for this procedure in your department has any questions about this process, contact Anne Swenson, x4937.

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