University Library

Library Order Requests

Library orders may be submitted online or using paper order cards.

Paper Card Procedures

Please submit all paper purchase requests on our standard 3x5 library request cards (contact Library Acquisitions x4937 if paper cards are preferred).

Also, please check Search@UW​ prior to completing a request. Use the "Books & Media (UWSP)" search scope to look for items already owned and items on order, this one-step check will save work for both you and the library staff. Fill out request cards as follows:

  1. Print or type the following:
    1. Author - Last name followed by first and middle name or initials
    2. Title - May be the main identifying feature
    3. Publisher or Producer
    4. Year of Publication or Question Mark (?) If Not Known - If reprint, state "reprint of ____" (year)
    5. Number of Volumes - If more than one
    6. Copies - Only one copy unless intended for Reserve use
    7. Edition - If not first
    8. Price or $1.00 If Not Known
    9. Hardcover or Paperback
    10. Citation/Review Source - Helpful to verify order information
    11. Requested By - Your name
    12. Fund/Dept. - Your department
  2. Attach any prepublication announcements, brochures, reviews, catalogs, Choice cards, or other available information to the card. These can be returned if requested.
  3. Have the cards approved by the Department Representative.
  4. Forward approved cards to Acquisitions in the library via interoffice mail.
  5. Requests will be placed in a queue to be checked and ordered as soon as possible. It is expected that you or your work-study/departmental help will do the first check of the on-line catalog.
  6. You will be notified if there are any problems in obtaining the requested material.
  7. When the material is cataloged, cards are returned to the departments with the call number added.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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