Instructional Materials Center (IMC)

Overview of Collection

The Instructional Materials Center (IMC) houses two collections:

  1. A selection of K-12 curriculum-related materials, including textbooks, kits, museum displays, children’s/juvenile fiction and non-fiction (books), posters, and puppets.
  2. The Library’s media collection, including video recordings (DVD and VHS), compact discs (CDs), and records (vinyl).

The IMC also provides the following facilities:

  • Open study spaces for both individuals and small groups
  • Open teaching area (for up to about 25 students)
  • Two DVD/VHS viewing stations
  • Three preview rooms (ALB 302A, 302B, and 302C) which can be used for viewing of videos or general study.
    • Reservations of these rooms, and access to them, need to be arranged through the Circulation Desk (1st floor, 715-346-2540).
  • 16 computer stations with ample work space
  • Library Instruction Computer Lab (ALB 316) with 25 computer stations, which are available for general use when not in use by classes.
  • Library classroom (ALB 310) which accommodates up to 40 students.
  • Collaboration Studio (ALB 318)

Reserving Items

If you wish to have items in the IMC placed on reserve for instructional use, please direct your requests to Denise Heimstead at the Circulation Desk (1st floor), or fill out a reserve form, available at the Circulation Desk or online at Denise can be reached at 715-346-4428 or

DVD Replacement of VHS Tapes

For more information about replacing VHS tapes with DVDs, please visit this page: DVD Replacement of VHS Tapes.

What Are Public Performance Rights?

For more information about Public Performance Rights (PPR) for screening media, including an explanation of what they are and the Library's policy on them, please visit this page: Public Performance Rights (PPR) for Screening Media.

Staff & Contact Info

Terri Muraski
K-12 Curriculum Collection
209 ALB

Troy Espe
Media Collection
104C ALB

Denise Heimstead
103 ALB

Matt Sonnenberg
IMC Assistant
319 ALB