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Gift Acceptance Policy

Monetary Donations

Monetary gifts can be donated via the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Foundation, designated specifically to the University Library.

Gift Acceptance Policy

General Information

The Library is most interested in scholarly nonfiction monographs, hardcover fiction, and textbooks less than 5 years old. All paperback materials are evaluated as to their usefulness and condition.

Boxes of gift materials can be sent to ALB Room 012 via intercampus mail. Otherwise boxes can be dropped off in Room 012, from the loading dock on east side of the building. Occasionally the library is willing to pick up the materials, if necessary.

The University Library will acknowledge the receipt of the gift in writing, and will give publicity to the gift if the quality or quantity of the donation so warrants.

The University Library cannot accept gifts under conditions which hinder its obligations to its patrons, cause it to disregard established institutional policies and objectives, or in any way require obligations contrary to the laws of the state or university.

Library staff will not make valuations of gifts for tax purposes.* The University Library retains the right to accept all, none, or part of a proposed gift, based on the evaluation of its usefulness to the collection.**

*Neither the University Library nor University Library personnel may make tax appraisals for materials being received for the University Library collection. If the donor wants tax deduction information refer them to their own attorney or accountant.

**Any materials in the donation deemed inappropriate for the University Library collection shall be disposed of by the University Library as it sees fit, or returned to donor if so stated.


  • General questions regarding gifts can be answered by Anne Swenson, Library Acquisitions (715-346-4937) and Tom Reich, Gift Coordinator (715-346-4200).
  • Direct questions regarding personal papers and archival materials to Ruth Wachter-Nelson: (715-346-2586).
  • Direct questions regarding periodicals to Jennifer Huffman: (715-346-2371).
  • Direct questions regarding government publications to Yan Liao: (715-346-3614).


Gifts materials that are not added to the library collection may be offered to other libraries and non-profit groups or go into the Library's Book Sale. The ongoing Book Sale includes books that are donated to the library and selected older titles that have been weeded from library collections.

Book Sale funds are used to buy current paperbacks and audio-books for the Leisure Reading collection, to encourage reading for the fun of it!

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