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DVD Replacement of VHS Tapes

Library-Owned Tapes

If available commercially in DVD/streaming format the library will acquire DVD/streaming copy to replace VHS copy. The VHS copy will be withdrawn.

If not available commercially in DVD format the library may convert the VHS title to DVD for one time use by faculty for class purposes. These DVDs will not be available for general circulation, but only for use in the classroom. This process takes a few days, so please give us notice.

Please remember, the quality of the DVD will only be as good as the quality of the VHS. We strongly recommend that, instead of relying on conversion of VHS to DVD, you look for another film that meets your needs. The Library is happy to assist you with this if needed.

Any desire to copy VHS to DVD for long term use must be accompanied by written copyright permission from the vendor. The requestor has the responsibility for procuring this permission.

Faculty-Owned Tapes

The library cannot replace personal VHS titles. If funds are available, we will be happy to purchase DVD titles you need from our normal book budget; they will then be library copies.

For more information, please contact Mindy King (x2321) or Matt Sonnenberg​ (x4246). ​

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