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Guidelines for Departmental Budget Allocations

We ask that departmental faculty observe the following deadlines for placing orders:

  • December 1 -- Requests for 50% of allocation are due
  • March 30 -- Requests for remaining 50% due

Departmental allocations will cover department-generated book requests, Reserve orders, and non-print items.

Departments will be informed monthly regarding the status of their Department Allocation and will be notified when their funds are exhausted.

Unused Department Allocations will be used by the library faculty to strengthen the collection according to current needs.

If department requests exceed the Department Allocation, requests may be filled with other unused department allocation or will be held for the new budget year unless return is requested by the department for reevaluation.

General Information

The acquisitions budget consists of library allocations to departments and new faculty, a fund used to support general undergraduate research, periodical and serial continuations including electronic, web indexes and databases, and a number of smaller items.

A portion of the library materials budget is allocated to programs and departments based on a formula combining a base allocation and the elements of number of faculty, SCHs, majors, minors, graduate students, and cost of U.S. imprints in the field as cited in the Bowker Annual of Library and Book Trade Information.

The allocation may be used to purchase both print and non-print materials.

To Order Library Materials From Department Allocation

Annually, every department is allocated funds to purchase materials for the University Library. Each department is expected to establish its own policy regarding expenditures from this Department Allocation.

Department chairpersons will serve as or appoint a Library Representative. The Library Representative is responsible for approving all requests for purchasing library materials from the Department Allocation and submitting them to Acquisitions.

Requests for purchases from the Department Allocation may be made online or using official library request paper cards (contact Library Acquisitions at x4937 if cards are preferred) and approved by the Library Representative according to the department's policy. In addition, individual department members may discuss library needs with their Library Liaison or other library personnel.

Please follow the instructions for submitting request cards.

To Order Materials to be Placed on Reserve

To order Reserve materials, submit a completed library request card for each title to Terri Muraski, University Library. This procedure is the same as it is for ordering other library materials: reserve material requests MUST be approved and initialed by the department library representative.

Note that the basis for reserve book purchase is 1 copy per 15 students. Reserve books will not be purchased for semester-long checkout for single students (as a substitute for text rental or purchasing a book by students.) The charge-back policy for reserve books is as follows:

  • Copy 1, 3, 5 (or more depending on number of students per class) is purchased through the Library's departmental allocation.
  • Copy 2, 4 is purchased through the Library's reserve budget.

Visit the Reserve Department's website for loan periods for Reserve materials and general information about the Reserve collection.

To Request the Purchase of a Periodical/Serial

Serials costs continue to rise almost unchecked (estimated 10% again this year). Therefore the Library needs to keep a careful check on the number and cost of new titles added to the collection. Each departmental request will be submitted to the Library's Collection Development committee for possible approval. Our budget unfortunately does not allow for approval of all requests.

Since most periodicals are purchased for the calendar year, submit your request by November 1 to Jennifer Huffman, Serials Librarian.

Serials (annual reviews, annals, etc.) may be purchased at any time. Submit your request to Acquisitions.

For either, include the title of the periodical or serial, publisher, price and a short statement justifying its purchase; i.e., who and how many will use it. You will be notified shortly after the committee makes its decision.

You can also submit your request online via our Request Form.

Video Preview Procedures

Videos over $200 must be previewed before purchase. For more information, see our video preview procedure.

To Purchase Library Materials from Department, Not Library, Funds:
A Reminder

If your department wishes to use some department funds to purchase library materials to be housed in the Library--not dictionaries, lab manuals, etc.--you may do so one of two ways:

  1. Transfer the amount you wish to spend to your present library allocation, OR
  2. Give us an amount and an account number and your purchases will be charged against that account.

In either case, the decision of what to purchase is yours, just as with the materials allocation from the Library. The difference, of course, is the source of the funding.

The advantages of our providing this service for you include: the campus avoids inadvertently purchasing duplicate materials; the Acquisitions Department often gets a discount and will process your orders; and the materials will be cataloged for the Library's collection, making those materials available to the entire university community.


We wish to thank all departments for your active selection and early submission of requests. We will need your cooperation again this year to encumber all funds prior to purchasing deadlines. Steady receipt of requests will assist greatly in completing our tasks on time.

Please share this information with your faculty. Also, please duplicate the page, Library Request Card Procedures, for all department members or visit us on the Web at:

If you need further assistance, contact your library liaison or Tom Reich at 346-4200.

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