Can I recover a file/folder if I deleted it accidentally?

You can attempt to recover your myFiles if you inadvertently delete something. This process can only be done on UWSP Standard Campus Load computers, and you are attempting this process at your own risk and there are no guarantees.

If you would like assistance recovering your myFiles please contact the Information Technology Help Desk.

  1. Click Start and go to My Computer
  2. Double click on your myFiles drive, it will be labeled
  3. Right-click in the folder directory where the previous version of that file was located and click Properties
    • resume.pdf has been deleted from a folder called "resume" in your Private folder
    • Right click in the "resume" folder and click Properties
  4. Click on the Previous Versions Tab

  5. Select the date you wish to go back to and select View
  6. Copy the file you are missing from the Previous Versions back into your folder on your myFiles storage space. Be careful not to restore an entire folder as other files may have changed since this time period.