MyFiles & Department Share Access - Mac

This method provides off campus access from a Macintosh computer to UWSP network file share such as or a department network share.  

Using this method you can open, edit, save, create and delete files just as if you were working on campus. You can drag and drop files to and from your computer and the network share.

Important:  OS 10.9 or newer is required.  Before opening and making changes to a file, you should ALWAYS save the file to your desktop or other folder on your local computer first. Then open the file, make your changes and save the file again. Once you have saved all your changes you can copy (or drag and drop) the file back to your network storage space.

  1. Open the Finder    
  2. Click Go - Connect to Server...

  3. Enter the path to the share you would like to connect to.  The screen shot shows an example of connecting to a department share.  To save the connection click the "+" button.
    • To connect to department files shares enter:{network path}, ex.
    • To connect to your myFiles private share enter: "{your logon name}, ex.

  4. Click Enter
  5. Enter your UWSP credentials when prompted.  The share should now be mounted.

Known Issue:  If you discover you can't upload files to the share, it may be mounted as read-only.  Here's how to determine this:

  1. Go Finder -> Go -> Computer

  2. Control/Right-click on the mounted network share and click "Get Info"

  3. At the bottom of the info screen it will indicate if you have read-only, or read write (read-write in this example: "You can read and write).

  4. If you find that the share mounted as read-only, eject the share and try mounting it again. If the issue persists, see the CyberDuck instructions for an alternate method of connecting to the network.