Setup VPN in Windows XP

Note: You may need your Windows CD at some point during these instructions.

  1. Create the VPN Connection
  2. Click on your Start Button and go open up Control Panel.

    Start Menu - Control Panel 

  3. If your Control panel looks like this picture please click on "Switch to Classic View". If not skip this step.

    Control Panel - non-Classic View 

  4. Open Network Connections

    Control Panel - Classic View 

  5. Then Click on "Create a New Connection"

    Network Connections - Create a new connection 

  6. This Wizard will appear, click Next to continue.

    New Connection Wizard 

  7. Choose "Connect to the network at my place"

    New Connection Wizard - Connect to the network at my workplace 

  8. Select "Virtual Private Network connection"

    New Connection Wizard - Virtual Private Network connection 

  9. Type in "UWSP VPN" and click next.

    New Connection Wizard - Name connection 

  10. Select "Do not dial the initial connection" and click Next.

    New Connection Wizard - Don't dial inital connection 

  11. Type in "" for the Host Name.

    New Connection Wizard - name of vpn server 

  12. Type in UWSP VPN as the Name of the Connection and Choose "Add a shortcut to my desktop" so you can easily connect.

    New Connection Wizard - Add shortcut to desktop 

  13. Click Finish.
  14. In the Network and Dial-Up Connections you will see the icon for the VPN connection Right Click on and and choose "Properties".
  15. Choose the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) option and then click Properties.

    UWSP vpn properties 

  16. Click on Advanced

    TCP/IP Properties 

  17. Uncheck the "Use default gateway on remote network" checkbox

    Advanced TCP/IP Settings 

  18. Click OK to close all open dialog boxes.

To Connect to VPN:

Double-click on the VPN shortcut on your desktop.

Enter you UWSP logon ID and password and click OK.

Setup Cached Password

This keeps you from having to enter in your password in when you access University Resources while you VPN connection is active.

  • If you are not running Windows XP Professional skip this step. This step is for Windows XP Professional Only
  1. Go to Start and open All Programs, Control Panel

    Control Panel 

  2. Open User Accounts

    Control Panel - User Accounts 

    • There are two ways the next screens will look depending on your configuration. Please follow the one that your looks like.

(This step is for XP Professional Only)

  1. Click on the Advanced Tab and then Manage Passwords

    User Accounts - Manage Passwords 


    User Accounts  

  2. Please click on the account.
    • Note you must be logged into this account in order to do this.
  3. Click on Manage Passwords

    User Accounts - manage passwords 

  4. Click on Add

    Stored User Names and Passwords 

  5. Type in you credentials (Server is login is uwspdom/your login and your password).

    Logon Information Properties 

  6. Click OK.
  7. Click OK.