Setup VPN in Windows 7

  1. Go to Start and click on Control Panel

    Start Menu - Control Panel 

  2. Change the "View by:" field to either "Large Icons" or "Small Icons".  If you are using Windows Vista switch to "Classic View".

    Windows 7

     Windows Vista

    Control Panel - Classic View 

  3. Double Click the Network and Sharing Center Icon

    Network and Sharing icon 

  4. In Widows 7 click "Set up a new connection or network".  

    Windows 7

    Set up a new connection or network in Windows 7 

  5.  Click "Connect to a workplace".

    Set up a conection or network - Connect to a workplace

  6. Click Next
  7. On the window labeled “Connect to a Workplace,” click on “Use my Internet connection (VPN).”

    Connect to a workplace - Use my Interncet connection (VPN) 

  8. Enter into the Internet address box
  9. Enter UWSP VPN into the Destination name box
  10. Put a check in the box labeled “Don’t connect now…”
  11. Click Next

    Connect to a workplace - inet address and destination 

  12. In the text box labeled “User name:,” Enter your UWSP account name.

    Connect to a workplace - name and password 

  13. Click Create.  This will create the VPN connection and close the last dialog box. Next, you will need to change some properties of the VPN connection.

  14. Go back to the Network and Sharing Center and, on the left-hand side, click the “Change adapter settings” link.Select Work for a Network Location

    Set Network Location - Work 

  15. Right-click the icon for the VPN connection you just created and select properties.

  16. Select the Networking Tab
  17. Select Internet Protocol Version 6 and click Properties
    UWSP VPN Properties
  18. Select Advanced
    TCP/IP Properties - Advanced
  19. Unselect the Use default gateway on remote network
    Advanced TCP/IP Settings - IP Settings 
  20. Select OK to exit Advanced TCP/IP Settings
  21. Select OK to exit Internet Protocol Version Properties
  22. Repeat steps 17-21 this time selecting Internet protocol Version 4
  23. Select OK on each of the open dialog boxes to close all of the UWSP VPN Propertersi pages.  
  24. Double-click the UWSP VPN icon.
  25. When prompted, enter your password and press the connect button.

You are now connected to the VPN