UWSP Email Setup - iOS (iPhone/iTouch/iPad) - Legacy Instructions

These are legacy instructions and will be removed at the beginning of the Summer Session 2017. Please use the updated instructions for the Microsoft Outlook App on iOS Devices.

In order to use the campus e-mail on your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, it must be updated to firmware version 2.0 or better. If you need to upgrade, the update is available directly from the iPhone, iTouch, or iPad settings in iTunes.

IMPORTANT: The first time you connected to your UWSP email account, your iTouch/iPhone/iPad was set up to cache your password. When you change your UWSP password your iTouch/iPhone/iPad will attempt to connect using the old cached password, which may result in your account becoming locked. To work around this, after you have changed your password for UWSP, change your password for your email on your iTouch/iPhone/iPad.

To change your password on your iTouch/iPhone/iPad for email click the "Settings" icon on your iTouch/iPhone/iPad. Then choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and select your UWSP email account. Click on "Account Info" and change your password.
  1. Select the "Settings" icon from your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad home screen.
  2. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. Select "Add Account"
    NOTE: You may have more than one e-mail set up at a time. (i.e. Gmail and your campus e-Mail). Your iPhone/iTouch/iPad will check them all independently and create separate folders for each e-mail account you subscribe to.
  4. Select "Microsoft Exchange" as the account type.
  5. Enter your UWSP email address and UWSP logon and password information. Leave the Domain field blank. Click Next.
  6. If a server box is displayed on the next screen, enter "email.uwsp.edu" as the server and click Next. Otherwise verify that your information is correct, and click Next.
  7. Select the additional items you would like to sync with your UWSP email account, options include Contacts and Calendars. Click Done.
  8. On the Mail, Contacts, Calendar menu you will now see your UWSP email, with a note of the options you selected to sync with your mail.