Setup Outlook (IMAP)

  1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel, Mail.
  2. Click Show Profiles in the Mail Setup-Outlook dialog box.
  3. Click Add.
  4. In the Profile Name text box, type UWSP username - IMAP
  5. Click OK
  6. Under E-mail in the E-mail Accounts wizard, select Add a new e-mail account and click NEXT
  7. Select IMAP and click NEXT
  8. In the E-Mail Accounts dialog box fill in the User Information, Server Information and Logon Information as indicated:
    • Change your Incoming mail server (IMAP): to
    • Change your Outgoing mail server (SMTP): to
    • Check your other settings to ensure they are similar to what is displayed below, but specific to your account instead of Stevie Pointer.
    • Remember password should only be checked if no one else has access to your computer, otherwise they can send and receive mail as you.
    • Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) should not be checked.
  9. Click More Settings.
  10. On the General tab change your Mail Account name to whatever you want displayed in your Folders List. This is for your personal use as no one else will see this name.
  11. On the Advanced tab
    • Under Incoming server (IMAP): check This server requires a secure connection (SSL). The port number will automatically change to 993.
    • Under Outgoing server (SMTP): check This server requires a secure connection (SSL). change the port number to 587.
  12. Click the OK button to be returned to the E-Mail Accounts dialog box.
  13. Click the Next button.
  14. Click Finish
  15. In the Choose Profile dialog box, select your new profile and Click OK
    NOTE: When Outlook starts up you will prompted to type a username and password. In the username text box type and then your UWSP password in the password text box.