Outlook 2007 - Cached Mode

If you are experiencing delays in email, one solution may be to use Outlook 2007 in Cached Mode. (Click here for more information about Cached Mode.) You should experience less delays using email and if your mailbox server is unavailable you can continue to work with your existing mail because a copy of your mailbox is stored on your local hard disk. Cached mode should only be enabled on the computer where you normally work. Expect a delay of up to thirty minutes the first time you enable Cached Mode as your server mailbox is synchronized to a local copy of your mailbox.

Configuring Outlook After First Use
  1. Start Outlook.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings...
  3. Select the accounts listed as Microsoft Exchange Server and click the Change button.

    The Microsoft Exchange Settings dialog box appears.

  4. Check Use Cached Exchange Mode.
    You should not have to adjust the Microsoft Exchange Server or User Name. Note: If you should have to put something in these fields use outlook.uwsp.edu for server name and your on-campus alias (ex: spointer or spoin111) in user name and then press the Check Names button.
    Click the Next button.

    You are returned to the Select Email Accounts dialog box.

  5. Click Next.

    An informational dialog box gives you instructions for restarting Outlook so cached mode can be started.

  6. Click Finish. Click Close.
  7. Exit Outlook and restart. You should see various status messages in the right-hand side of your Outlook status bar. This is located at the bottom of your Outlook screen. Messages are synchronizing between your mailbox on the server and your local copy of your mailbox. Soon messages will start to appear in your folders.
  8. To reduce the time it takes to complete the initial download and allow you to start working, you can right-click on the Outlook icon in the status bar (most likely the word Connected is displayed after the icon) to display the Download Options dialog box. Choose Download Headers and then Full Items. This will tell Outlook to initially synchronize only the message headers and then the Full Items. If you attempt to open an item which only has had the header downloaded and not yet the full item, Outlook will download the body immediately.
  9. Outlook synchronizes your mail folders automatically and manual send/receive commands are not only unnecessary but can even be detrimental to overall server performance.