Create a CD with Toast (Mac)

Tip: Use a CD-RW (rewritable) - for your own personal use, as you may wish to erase and recreate your CD. Use a CD-R (non-rewritable and less expensive) - for CDs that should not be erased, for example, for distributing a portfolio of your work to potential employers.

Though infrequent, there may also be compatibility issues between CD reading/writing programs

NOTE: The files you plan to burn to CD/DVD must first be copied to the Macintosh desktop. You can delete the files you copied to your desktop once your CD is written.
  1. Open Toast. Click the Macintosh HD (hard drive)
    Note: If the Toast icon is located on your dock skip to Step 4.
  2. Click the Applications folder
  3. Click Toast 7 Titanium
  4. Double-click Toast Titanium to open the software
  5. Click Formats. Make sure you have the correct format selected. For this tutorial we have chosen to make the CD accessible on a Mac and PC.
  6. Make sure you have copied your files to your desktop.
  7. There are two options to add files and folders to the Data area for burning.

    Drag your files and folders to the Data area.


    Use the Add button:
    1. Click Add
    2. Navigate to the desktop
    3. Select the files you wish to burn
    4. Click Choose. The files you chose are now displayed in the Data area of Toast.
  8. To burn your files click the Record disc button (red button in lower right-hand corner)
  9. Click Record
  10. When the disc has completed click Eject to remove the CD from the drive.
You have successfully burned a CD using Toast!