Burning a CD with Windows 7

Note: This document assumes that you are working on a UWSP computer and that your files are stored on your UWSP network storage space (myFiles). If working from home, begin with number 5 below.

Tip: Use a CD-RW (rewritable) - for your own personal use, as you may wish to erase and recreate your CD. Use a CD-R (non-rewritable and less expensive) - for CDs that should not be erased, for example, for distributing a portfolio of your work to potential employers.

Though infrequent, there may also be compatibility issues between CD reading/writing programs
  1. Click the Start button (lower-left corner of your computer screen).
  2. Select Computer.
  3. Double-click "MyFiles.uwsp.edu/yourusername". (your Student Network Storage Space)
  4. Double-click to open your inetpub or Private folder.
  5. Locate the files you would like to burn to CD. Copy and paste, or drag your files onto your computer desktop.
    Important: Your files should be local, that is, on your computer hard drive. You can delete the files you copied to your desktop once your CD is written.
  6. Insert your CD-RW or CD-R into the CD Writer.
  7. Your CD will open the Auto Play window on your screen.
  8. Select "Burn files to disk"
  9. The Burn a Disk window will appear and ask how you want to use the disk. Type in the disk title you would like to have, and choose the option " With a CD/DVD player" (this option will work with most computers).
  10. An explorer window will now pop up on your screen and ask that you drag and drop the files into the folder shown on your screen.
  11. Once you have placed files into the folder you will receive a bubble notification stating that you have files waiting to be burned. You can ignore this bubble.
  12. Once you have placed all the files you want to burn on the disk. Choose "Burn to disk from the top menu.
  13. A burn wizard will now appear on your screen, at this screen you can change the Disk Title and recording speeds if you would like. Click Next.
  14. Your files will now burn to the disk. You will see a progress bar on your screen.
  15. You will be asked if you would like to burn these files to another CD. If not choose Finish.