Residential Hall Information

Telephone service is optional in all Residential Hall rooms. If you want a telephone in your room, you may contract service through the UWSP Telephone Support Office. This is your only option for landline service.  To sign up for landline service, please call (715) 346-2562.

Pricing Information
  • Activation Fee - $25.00 (one-time, non-refundable)
  • Monthly Service Fee - $28.74 per month
  • Telephone Set - No charge
  • Voice Messaging Service - No charge
  • On-Campus Calls - No charge
  • Local Calls - No charge
  • Extended Community Calls - $0.05 per minute
  • Long Distance Calls - $0.02 per minute
  • International Calls - Call the Telephone Support Office for pricing.

With each Telephone Service Agreement, the Telephone Support Office will provide and maintain a Cortelco 8780 telephone.  Cortelco8780Manual.pdf

The phone is equipped with Caller ID, speakerphone capabilities, and speed dial buttons. The cost of the phone is included with your monthly service charge.

Personal telephones may be used but are not repaired by the Telephone Support Office. If using personal telephone equipment, we cannot guarantee compatibility with our system.

Unified Messaging (Voicemail)
Unified Messaging brings together traditional phone functionality with that of Outlook.  You can listen to your voicemail messages, your calendar appointments, or your email messages.  For additonal information see the Unified Messaging Voicemail Instructions.

Telephone Abuse, Fraud & Violations
Be aware that the fraudulent use of your telephone service is a felony! Any student found guilty of fraudulent calls will be held responsible for the entire fraudulent bill. All telephone companies will prosecute those individuals found to be responsible. The misuse of on-campus telephone service would result in your being referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The UWSP Telephone Support Office has the ability to track incoming calls that are abusive. If you receive a threatening, obscene, nuisance, or harassing telephone call, hang up. Note the time and date, and call Protective Services at 715-346-3456.

DO NOT bill calls to your room, accept collect calls, or have an operator put a call through for you. Violators will be referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities and charged for the calls billed to the university.

Telephone Repairs
The Telephone Support Office has on-site technicians to correct any problem you have. A Technician will go directly to your room to correct the problem. You do not need to be present for repairs.

  • Technicians will only repair UWSP equipment. Non-UWSP equipment will not be serviced.
  • DO NOT bring equipment to the Telephone Support Office. We will have you return the equipment to your room.
For repairs, fill out an on-line Work Order, or call 715-346-2562.  Provide your extension, room, building and a brief description of the problem.  Repairs are made within 24 business hours. DO NOT call another telephone company for repairs.