Standard Load (SL)

The Standard Load (SL) is a standard set of software products and a particular release of an operating system (e.g. Windows 7) that has been configured specifically for UWSP computers. The SL provides the ability to facilitate upgrades, provide security and software updates, and assure network delivered applications work well. A Standard Load allows Information Technology to efficiently and effectively deliver the best possible environment to faculty, staff and students.

What is the current Windows SL?

The current Windows SL includes the Windows 7 operating system,  Symantec Endpoint Protection, Internet Explorer, and Office 2016. 

What is the current Macintosh SL?

The current Macintosh SL includes the OSX, Mozilla Firefox, Office for Mac 2016, and VLC media player.

Application Center and Self Service

The Windows Application Center is the home for hundreds of UWSP licensed software. Here you will find software that is available to the entire campus as well as software that is course specific. Some departmental purchased software such as Adobe and other specialty software is also made available through the Application Center. Software located in the Application Center can be downloaded and installed easily on campus computers. To access the Application Center click Start - All Programs - Application Center.

The Macintosh Self Service application is where commonly used software and campus wide licensed software for Macs can be installed from. Specialty software is also made avaiable through Self Service.

You do not need to be an administrator on your computer to install the software available in the Application Center or Self Service.

For other software installation requests, please enter a work order by visiting "Software Installation Requests" from the menu on the right.

Please direct software questions or issues to the Help Desk.