Antivirus / Antimalware Protection

UWSP requires all computers connected to the university network to have an antivirus solution installed and active. Currently we use Symantec EndPoint Protection on all UWSP computers because it provides features that help us maintain compliance with UW System's Information Technology security standards. In the future, as reporting features are added to Windows Defender, UWSP is likely to adopt Windows Defender as our Antivirus / Antimalware suite for computers running Windows 10.

Recommendations for Antivirus / Antimalware on Personal Computers

Information Technology recommends that all computers be equipped with an active Antivirus / Antimalware product. 

Windows 10

Windows Defender is free antivirus protection which is built-in to the Windows 10 operating system, which means no installation is necessary. Information Technology recommends using Windows Defender with computers running Windows 10.

Windows 7, Windows 8 and MacOS Downloads

For Windows 7, Windows 8 or MacOS, UWSP's license agreement with Symantec EndPoint Protection allows students, faculty and staff to install this software on their personal/home computers at no charge. 


Before downloading and installing Symantec Endpoint Protection (or other antivirus software) you must FIRST uninstall your current antivirus software, even if it is Symantec or Norton. Uninstalling your existing antivirus software will prevent potential application conflicts.

Windows and Macintosh Download

For support visit the Symantec Product Support page.

Have questions? Please contact the Service Desk.