Printing in Campus Computer Labs

Printing is being counted in all UWSP public computer labs, in many private departmental computer labs, and on all floors of the Library (ALB).

Only currently enrolled UWSP students have permission to print in our computer labs. If faculty or staff need permission, they need to contact the Printing Accounting Manager.

Students start with $10.00 in their printing account each semester and are charged:
  • Black & white letter: 5 cents/side
  • Color letter: 15 cents/side
  • Black & white tabloid: 25 cents
  • Color tabloid: 48 cents
  • 24" Banner: 13 cents/inch
  • 36" Banner: 20 cents/inch
  • 42" Banner: 29 cents/inch
  • High gloss photo paper (11 x 17): $3.35
  • Semi-gloss photo paper (13 x 19): $4.13
  • Matte photo paper (13 x 19): $4.13
Duplexed black and white pages cost 5 cents a side or 10 cents total. All of the black 8.5 x 11 laser printers are set to duplex (double-side) automatically. Sometimes you may be charged for 2 pages when you only print 1, especially by Internet Explorer Web Browser and Outlook Email. If you need credit for the extra page(s), request it by sending email to the Printing Accounting Manager.

Duplexed color pages cost 15 cents a side or 30 cents total. Only the color lasers in ALB 110, NFAC 172 & NFAC 215 Computer Labs can duplex print in color.

Your printing balance is what is left from the prepaid print credit amount for the current semester. Remaining unused printing account balances at semester's end are not refundable, nor do they carry over to the following semester. If you print more than your semester print credit, you will be billed on your tuition account for any overage.

Your printed jobs report and your account balance include printing done from both PCs and Macintosh computers. Check your student printing account on your myPoint portal page on the Finances tab.

Dates are reported in Central Standard Time with no Daylight Savings adjustments. This is to be consistent and to avoid confusion about when a job was printed.

Residence Hall Printing
All residence hall users have access to black duplex laser printers. Print to these printers while in the lab, or connect a laptop computer to the printer through the wireless network. Printing costs for these labs are identical to their counterparts in the campus computer labs.

 For help with concerns about printing charges, contact Information Technology Service Desk.

Contact Information

Service Desk
027 Albertson Hall (ALB)
715-346-HELP (4357) or 1-877-832-8977