Mac Wireless Printing Guide

*Make sure you are connected to our campus wireless network.

  1. Open System Preferences in Finder under the Applications Tab
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  2. In System Preferences, open Print and Scan
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  3. Click the (+) sign and then click “Add other printer or scanner”
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  4. Right click (or hold “Control” and click) the top of the window to the left of the search bar, and then click “Customize Toolbar”
  5. Drag the “Advanced” icon onto the toolbar by the other icons (Default, Fax, IP, Windows)
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  6. Now click the “Advanced” icon once you have it placed
  7. Change “Type” to “Windows printer via spoolss”
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  8. Add the following text to the URL box replacing <PRINTER_NAME> with the printer you wish to print to:
    1. smb://<PRINTER_NAME>
    2. For example: smb://
    3. Printer names can be found on the front of every printer.
  9. You may optionally change the Name and add a location for your own reference, this however is not needed.
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  10. Click the “Print Using” drop down menu and select “Select Printer Software” from it.
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  11. Select the appropriate printer software based on the printer model. The model name is always displayed on the front of the printer.
    1. NOTE: Many Laserjet printers are grouped by series. For example an HP LaserJet P4015 belongs to the 4000 series so you would select the driver that says 4/5
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  12. Your “Add Printer” window should look similar to the image below
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  13. Now click “Add”
  14. Check any installable options. Most black and white printers on campus have a duplexing capability which means they can automatically print on both sides.
  15. Click OK
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When Printing:

  1. After clicking “Print” from a given application, a dialog box will appear asking for credentials.
  2. Enter your student user name and password. Make sure to just use the username, don’t add to the end of it.
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  3. Click okay and it should print.