How should I name my Web Files in MyFiles?

Naming web page files is different than naming word processing or presentation files because web page files should not have any spaces or special characters. Follow these rules for naming web page files:

  • Do NOT use special characters in your file name, for example:
    ~, !, @, #, $, %, ?, &, *, (, ), ^, +
  • Do NOT use spaces between words in a file name, for example: myfilenamehasnospaces.html
    • As an example if a file was named incorrectly (with spaces) it would look like this:
      My file name has spaces.html
    • If we viewed this file from a web browser the address (URL) would look like this:
  • Use an underscore or dash to space words in a file name, for example:
  • Use capital letters rather than spaces in a file name, for example:
  • Keep file names short and descriptive. Web users will need to remember and enter the file name you assign as they attempt to navigate to your website.

Notice that the use of numbers in a file name helps to see the structure of your web files. Also, notice that there is no space between the number and the rest of the file name. These file names use capital letters rather than spaces between words to make them more readable.