Making Web Pages in MyFiles

There are entire courses dedicated to designing and creating web sites. This page is not intended to give you that level of instruction in web page creation, but rather give you some basics for web authoring in your MyFiles space.

To Get Started

  • Open your web-authoring software and create a new page. This process is much like making a new document with a word processor. Your web authoring software (excluding NotePad) will create code based on what you type and put into your page.
  • Use the menu system of the software that you are using to save the page to your "inetpub" directory in your student server space. If you do not save your files to your "inetpub" directory others will NOT be able to access them.
  • To open previously created pages, use your software menu system to open files from your "inetpub" directory.
  • For more information on how to use Microsoft Expression Web on the Student Information Servers, use this link.

Some Tips

  • The UWSP Communication Manual can be found on the University Relations and Communications website.  This manual includes web standards for UWSP.   
  • Make sure all files and graphics that are linked to your website are in your "inetpub" folder or its subfolders. If your files or graphics are not in your "inetpub" directory or subdirectory, others will NOT be able to access or view them.
  • When creating a new file save it right away. This will help your file "understand" where it is in relationship to graphics and other files. This will also help you from having broken links in your page.
  • When designing your website, stay away from flashy and loud background images and text that make it hard to read. You are putting information on the web to be seen by others, make sure they can easily view it.
  • Try not to link to documents that need a program that everyone may not have (ex. Microsoft Word Documents, Microsoft Excel Documents). These documents can be easily converted into PDF documents that will allow everyone to view them with a free reader. Click here for more information.
  • When you insert an image and if you are using a web editor such as, Microsoft Expression Web, you will get a box that pops up on screen asking you to enter "Alternate" text. Fill this box in. This will tell viewers what your image is, if your image does not show up, or if the viewer is using a screen reader. It will help your page validate.
  • If you are at all comfortable looking at coding for your web page, validate it using, through W3C. This will help your page be more accessible to everyone.
Off-Campus Resources: