myFiles Content Disclaimer

The Network Storage Servers are made available by funding from your Student Technology Fee which is a portion of your tuition. This service is intended to provide support for your pursuit of educational and professional goals by offering a place to save your homework files and to post your personal web page.

myFiles should not be used for storing files which infringe on copyright laws or which might be considered in bad taste. It is expected that this resource be used for education-related activities.

The university requires that a disclaimer be displayed prior to visiting student web pages. This disclaimer is provided via a webpage that is automatically displayed to a visitor prior to viewing student content. The disclaimer webpage contains the following text:

    UWSP Content Disclaimer

    You are about to browse pages created by students. These are NOT official UWSP pages.


    The student myFiles web space provides students an opportunity to learn about "the web" by creating and sharing web pages of their own making.

    The contents of these pages do not reflect the opinions, points-of-view, or policies of the university, any of its offices, or affiliates. The content you are about to browse solely reflects the design skills and viewpoints of the students who developed these pages.