Student Response System (Clickers)

Student or Audience Response Systems  (SRS or ARS) (affectionately known as clickers), are small handheld keypads used for polling during your presentation to gather immediate feedback from students or audience. Aggregate responses are then displayed as a graph on your presentation screen.

UWSP has adopted Turning Technologies as our campus-standard, and supported, ARS. Clickers work interchangably on Mac and Windows platforms.

How can I use clickers?

  • Engage students for more active learning.

  • Gauge whether students have read (and understand) what they were assigned.

  • Anonymous polling on opinion and sensitive topics

  • Poll once to generate a baseline for what your students or audience knows/thinks before you introduce a concept.  Poll again later to see if their understanding or opinion has changed.

Clicker Features

  • Associate clickers and polling data to your class roster

  • Multiple choice and short answer polling

  • Assign points for correct answers

  • Generate reports from your clicker data

  • Other features include demographic comparison and team slides

Clicker Cases for Check Out

The IT Service Desk has two large cases of 72 clickers and a smaller case of 36 that can be checked out for special events such as in-class activities, exam reviews or even out-or-state conference presentations. The software is free - and easy to use. We will provide a copy.

Reserving our clicker cases is "first come first served".  Please call the IT Service Desk at x4357 to reserve. Contact CITL for training, or to simply discuss clickers and their possibilities.

Using Clickers in Your Class?

Contact CITL if you are interesting in using clickers.
Your College Support Team member will ensure that your classroom has software and a receiver
Your classlist will be activated in our clicker database so that your students can lease a clicker.

Only students enrolled in clicker-activated courses can lease a clicker.
Clickers must be returned by the end of the class final.

What do I tell my students?

Here is some cut and paste text that you can add to your syllabus explaining the clickers and checkout process for your students.
***sample text for your class syllabus***



This class uses “Clickers” to do interactive polling.

Clickers are available through Information Technology during the first two weeks of the semester. You need your UWSP Student ID to lease a clicker.

A semester lease fee of $8 will be automatically added to your UWSP student bill.

Your clicker may be used in any class that requires clickers for the semester.

Clicker Return

Return your clicker before the end of finals. Students with unreturned clickers will be billed a late fee and/or may be billed the replacement cost of the clicker. You will receive email reminders toward the end of the semester reminding you of this return.

***end sample***