Advisee Distribution Lists

There are two types of advisor lists: advisee lists, and advisor lists by department.  Advisee distribution lists contain the addresses for the advisor and all his/her advisees.  Advisor by department lists contain the addresses for all advisors for a department.

Who Can Use the Lists

No one can see the membership of any of the advisee lists to ensure student privacy.  An advisee distribution list will deliver messages sent by the owning advisor. Each associated department maintains a list of additional accounts which can send to these lists.  To request access to send to advisee lists faculty, staff and student organizations should contact the "owning" department for authorization.   The list used to authorize access follows the format "dept-discpname List- DL Senders" (Ex. dept-ENGL List - DL Senders).  Individuals that are a member of this list have the ability to send to all advisee lists for that department. 

To request access to send to all UWSP advisee lists, please contact the Office of the Registrar

Note:  Messages will be rejected if sent from an off-campus internet address or unauthorized UWSP account.

Naming Conventions for Advisee Lists

A advisee distribution list name consists of the letters "adv-" followed by the advisor's last name, followed by a comma, followed by the Advisor's first name followed by either "-UG" or "-GR" for undergraduate or graduate students (examples provided in the table below).

Example Advisor Example UG/GR Example Distribution List Name
Anderson, Eric M UG adv-Anderson, Eric M-UG
Anderson, Eric M GR adv-Anderson, Eric M-GR

Naming Conventions for Advisor Lists by Department

A advisor by department distribution list name consists of the letters "advdept-" followed by the department (examples provided in the table below).
Example Advisee Lists by dept Example Distribution List Name
adv-Pointer, Stevie-UG
adv-Pointer, Stephanie-UG
adv-Doe, John-UG

Send a Message to an Advisor Distribution List

If you are using UWSP's Exchange/Outlook client, choose the "Advisor Name" from the global address list.

  1. Create a new message
  2. Click the "To:" button and the "Select Names" dialog box will be displayed.
  3. Click the arrow key in the Address Book drop down and select the appropriate advisor address list. Alternatively, you can begin to type the name of the advisor distribution list in the "Search:" box and the system will attempt to find the closest match to what you are typing.

    Outlook Address Book   

  4. In the address display box that appears, select the advisor you want to send a message to.
  5. Press the "To ->" button.

If you do not have access to the UWSP address book from the mail system you are using,  address a message following the format shown in the Internet Address column in the table below.

Distribution List Name - Outlook Alias Internet Address
adv-Anderson, Eric M-UG
adv-Anderson, Eric M-GR

Availability & Accuracy

All distribution lists are automatically available in Microsoft Outlook. The lists are updated nightly throughout the semester from data supplied by the Office of the Registrar.