Separate E-mail Accounts

Departments, offices and services are encouraged to use a separate email account instead of personal email accounts to correspond through email.  Outlook provides the ability to view multiple mailboxes from a single profile. 

How does this benefit your office or service?

Example: An individual who was a department chair was no longer in a position to regularly check their email account. Unfortunately, people on the "outside" of the University had no way of knowing that the former chairs were no longer reading their email and continued to send messages to those accounts with questions that often needed timely answers.

Many departments have already taken steps to prevent this scenario from happening to them by having Information Technology create an office email account for their college/division/department/business unit.* But there are a number of college/division/department/business units that continue to use personal email accounts. Details about how an office account can benefit your college/division/department/business unit are listed below as well as information on how convenient these office accounts are to use. There is really no downside to using an office account and a lot of benefits for people both on and off-campus.

*Office is used in lieu of "college/division/department/business unit.  Chair is used in lieu of "dean/chair/manager/etc".

Benefits of Department, Office, Service Mailboxes

  • People on and off-campus don't need to know the name of the office's chair or academic department associate  in order to communicate with an office.
  • Use this mailbox for general correspondence, or to be referenced on brochures, web pages, letter-head, email communication, campus phonebook, catalog, etc; in other words, wherever you have been using a personal email address previously.
  • Messages in the office mailbox are available year after year, thus easing transition issues with new chairs or program assistants.
  • Any messages sent from the office mailbox have the office's name in the "From" line of the message rather than a personal email address. This has the added benefit that messages sent from the office generally get more attention than if they are sent from someone's personal mailbox.
  • An chair or program assistant's personal mailbox quota is not "filled up" with office-related messages/business. The office account will have a 25 GB size limit.

How do you use an additional mailbox?

People that have been give permission by the Postmaster can open the office's email mailbox from their own Outlook desktop. In other words, both their own personal mailbox and the office's mailbox are available at the same time. A very simple procedure is used to send and read mail for the office. These instructions are sent to everyone that the office requests permission for.

How do you request a separate mailbox?

Please click here to request a separate e-mail mailbox.