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Due to the COVID-19 Social Distancing mandate UWSP Computer Labs were reconfigured allowing for a limited number of computers available for in-lab use.  Please follow these Social Distancing Guidelines and Disinfecting Procedures when working in a computer lab.  For information regarding online access to unused lab computers  including computers located in labs that provide class-specific software please see the Computer Labs General Information page.   

​Project Rendering

Rendering is allowed during weeks 8-16 during the academic semester.  For rendering outside this timeframe, contact IT Service Desk

Rendering a project requires a dedicated computer.  Often a rendering project can take many hours.  Because of the need to dedicate a single computer to a single task for many hours, rendering is often allowed to run overnight while a lab is closed. Please plan accordingly and ensure that you will be available to save your project once rendering has completed.

Rendering is available in:

Rendering on Physical Lab Computers

Let people know that your project is rendering!

If you are rendering a project from a physical lab machine that machine must display an IT Rendering sign if left overnight to complete the rendering process. IT Rendering signs are available from the Lab Assistant desk. Do not make your own sign. It will be ignored by lab staff.

Don't lose your completed project!

Physical lab computers are not part of the Online Access pool and are rebooted at 8:00 AM each morning.  To avoid losing your work, you must return to the physical lab computer you were using promptly by 8:00 AM to save your project.  If you do not return at 8:00 AM, your computer will be rebooted and you may lose you project.

Rendering on Online Access Computers

All Online Access computers are available 24/7 but may automatically reboot due to patching, or be interrupted when network maintenance is performed. See Information Technology's Network Maintenance page to learn more about scheduled network maintenance and potential interruptions to rendering.

 Need help? Contact the Service Desk!

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