Remote Computer Lab

There are 15 computer lab workstations running Microsoft Windows that are available 24/7 for remote access.  You can logon to a computer lab workstation from your home, residence hall room or anywhere on the campus wireless network. Remote computer lab allows you access to software that is only available in computer labs.

Remote access is not available from a Mac or to a Macintosh lab computers at this time.

Access Information
Download the appropriate update for your system.

32bit VMware View Client
64bit VMware View Client
Logon to a Remote Computer

When prompted for a host/server name enter:

You cannot print from the remote computer lab, plan to save your files to your myFiles or e-mail your work to yourself. You can then print locally from the computer on which you are working or print in a computer lab.

Remote Computer Lab Tips

  • If your remote session is left idle for more than 30 minutes, you will be automatically logged off.
  • Remember to select Log Off when exiting the remote lab. DO NOT click Disconnect or close the window. If you disconnect without logging off, you may reconnect to the same remote lab computer again within 10 minutes. After 10 minutes your session will be automatically logged off.
  • A small number of remote lab computers will be available around the clock.

Contact Information
If you need assistance with the Remote Lab, contact the Service Desk or call the ALB 110 Computer Lab Assistant at 715-346-4773.