Remote Computer Lab

There are 20 remote computer lab workstations available 24/7 for remote access running Microsoft Windows 10 1803.  You can logon to a computer lab workstation from your home, residence hall room or anywhere on the campus wireless network. Remote computer lab allows you access to software that is only available in computer labs.

Note: Need an Office 365 application? Skip the remote lab and download your own copy or use the web based version at

Warning: If you intend to use an application that requires video hardware acceleration like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere expect performance to be degraded. We recommend using an on-site campus computer.

Windows 10 General Purpose or GIS Windows 10 Remote Lab.

This remote lab is open to all UWSP students and features the same Windows 10 operating system available in the ALB 110 public lab. Keep in mind that not all software is pre-installed but is available for installation as needed from the Software Center

  1. Use your favorite web browser and navigate to
  2. Login as "".
  3. Select "UWSP Standard Remote Lab" or "GIS Remote Lab".
  4. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop configuration file and open it. Your options will vary depending on your choice of internet browser. Some browsers may allow you to simply click open while other browsers may force you to save the file to your computer and open it from your downloads folder.
  5. Opening the Microsoft Remote Desktop file will automatically start your Microsoft Remote Desktop application and log you into a random remote lab computer.

Have a Macintosh?

Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App Store before following steps 1-5 above.


Accessing The GIS Windows 7 Remote Lab.

Note: This lab is slated to be removed from service after we have completed testing and evaluation of the new GIS Windows 10 Remote Lab. Your GIS instructor can recommend which GIS remote lab is best for you.

If you are enrolled in a GIS class that uses the GIS remote lab you should do the following.

  1. Go here:
  2. Follow the link to the Horizon client, download and install. Be prepared to reboot your computer and run the installer again if the client requires you to install a C++ library.
  3. Configure the client using the steps below.
Step 1 : Click Add Server


Step 2 : Enter


Step 3 : Enter your user name and password.


Step 4 : Click GIS Center Remote Lab


Contact Information

If you need assistance with the Remote Lab, contact the Service Desk.