​Online Access to UWSP Computer Labs

No need to come to the computer lab!  Information Technology provides the following options for online access to UWSP computer labs and lab software:

The Remote Computer Lab is a collection of virtual computers available 24/7 with standard lab software and access to the Software Center.

 Logging into the Remote Lab

Instructions for logging into the Remote Lab can be found here.

Online Access Labs lets you log into computers located in UWSP computer labs that are not in use due to social distancing requirements. Logging into an Online Access Lab computer “locks” the computer and presents a message letting people in the lab know that computer is in use.
  • General Access Labs 
    The General Access Labs provides online access to physical computers located in a number of UWSP’s public labs. All General Access Lab computers have standard lab software and access to the Software Center.

  • Specialty Labs 
    The Online Access Labs also include labs with specialty software installed.  These labs are restricted to specific courses or programs.  If your work does not require software in a specialty lab, please log into a Remote Lab or General Access Lab computer.

 Logging into General Access and Specialty Online Labs

Do the following to login:

  • Click on the appropriate link above.
  • On the page that opens, find a computer that has the status of "Available" and click on the number in the "Address" column. This will download a file that ends in ".rdp".
  • Double click the ".rdp" file and click the "Connect" button (it is OK to ignore the warning stating "The publisher of this remote connection can't be identified.").
  • When prompted, enter your username and password to complete the login process.

Note for Mac users: You will need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 client before you can use the Online Access for UWSP Computers service.  This version of the remote desktop client requires MacOS 10.12 or newer (OS names Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina).

Note: at this time our current online lab technology only allows online access to Windows computers.  Online access to lab Macs is not available.


UWSP's Online Access Labs

​Computer Lab


General Access Labs (ALB 110, ALB 316, CCC 307, CPS 107, NFAC 215 (windows only), SCI B228, TNR 356)​

Remote Lab  UWSP's virtual computer lab.

Open to all UWSP Students​.

​Advanced Computer Lab (ACL) (TNR 322)

See ACL Schedule.

​Restricted to classes: SOIL 461/661, SOIL 365, WATR 389, WATR 391/591, WATR 353/553, NRES 484, FOR 321, FOR 322, PSEN 350. Students in these classes should not access the physical lab when another class is scheduled.


Restricted to students majoring or minoring in CNMT.

GEO Labs (SCI B308, SCI B312, SCIB346)​

Restricted to students currently enrolled in upper division GIS courses.​

Rendering Labs (CPS 105, CPS 305, CPS 319)​

Adobe Creative Cloud is not available in CPS 105.
CPS 105 Restricted to students currently enrolled in IA 490 Sec 1 and IA 304 Sec 1 & 2.​

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